Decoding Your 2016 Model X Onboard Charger: Understanding Capacity and Troubleshooting Issues

Decoding Your 2016 Model X Onboard Charger: Understanding Capacity and Troubleshooting Issues
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Title: Understanding the 2016 Model X Onboard Charger

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Identifying Your Onboard Charger's Capacity

If you own a 2016 Tesla Model X, you might be curious about your onboard charger's capacity. The first step in determining whether your charger is 48A or 72A is to observe its charging behavior. When charging your vehicle, take note of the amperage displayed on the screen. If it ever reaches above 48A, then it has a 64 amp limit, and if it goes above 64 amps, it has an 80 amp limit.

It's important to keep in mind that higher amperages can make the charge port more prone to arcing and overheating. This can lead to fluctuations in the charging rate, as well as potential damage to the charge port itself.

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Troubleshooting Charging Issues

In some cases, you may experience issues with your onboard charger that could indicate a problem with one of its modules. Each module within the charger is rated at either 16A or 24A, depending on the specific model of your vehicle. If one of these modules fails, it will impact the overall functionality of the charger.

The chargers work in a cascade, meaning that if you can charge up to 32A, it indicates that the first two chargers are functioning properly. If you can charge up to 48A, all three of the initial chargers are working correctly. However, if the third charger fails, the charging capacity will stop at 32A and won't utilize chargers for higher capacities such as 48A, 64A, or 80A.

Keep in mind that while it may be technically possible to swap out faulty chargers for functional ones within the system, this is not something Tesla would do due to liability concerns.

How to find out what options a Tesla has

Confirming Your Onboard Charger's Capacity

If you're still unsure about your onboard charger's capacity, there are a few ways to confirm it. One option is to consult with a Tesla mobile technician, who can provide more information based on their expertise.

Another method is to research the specific parts used in your 2016 Model X. By identifying whether your vehicle has a 48A or 72A Gen 3 Onboard Charger, you can determine the capacity of each module within the system (either 24A or 16A).

Finally, if your vehicle briefly displays a charging rate of 61/72A before dropping back down to 48A, this could indicate that you have an upgraded onboard charger with a capacity of 80A. In any case, it's always best to consult with Tesla directly for the most accurate information regarding your vehicle and its charging capabilities.