CarPlay Blocks Native Navigation Apps: What You Need to Know and Possible Solutions

CarPlay Blocks Native Navigation Apps: What You Need to Know and Possible Solutions
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CarPlay and Native Navigation Apps - A Sudden Change

CarPlay, Apple's in-car infotainment system, has been a popular choice for drivers looking to integrate their iPhones with their vehicles. It allows users to access various apps on their phone through the car's display, making it easier to navigate, send messages, and listen to music while driving. However, some users have recently reported an issue where CarPlay seems to be blocking native navigation apps like BMW's NAV app.

Previously, when connected to CarPlay, users could still access their car's native navigation app by pressing the NAV button on the console. This allowed them to use both CarPlay features and their preferred navigation system simultaneously. However, as of a few days ago, some users have noticed that they can only use navigation from phone apps when connected via CarPlay, rendering the native app inaccessible. The cause of this change remains uncertain – it could be due to a software update or an iOS update on the user's iPhone.

This development is disappointing for those who prefer using their car's built-in navigation system but also want to utilize Siri for messaging and other tasks. In the past, if users started navigation from a phone app, then it would become the default option in their vehicle; however, now it appears that even without active navigation running on the phone, CarPlay defaults to its own mapping service.

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Switching Between CarPlay and Native Navigation - Possible Solutions

For those experiencing this issue, there are a few potential solutions to try in order to regain access to your car's native navigation system while using CarPlay. Some users report being able to switch back and forth between CarPlay and their vehicle's built-in nav by closing out Waze or Apple Maps completely on their iPhone. This action may prompt the system to return to the native map display.

Another possible solution involves killing Apple Maps on your phone. By doing so, it may force the system to revert back to your car's native navigation app. In some cases, simply stopping navigation on Apple Maps can also restore access to the built-in mapping service.

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Comparing CarPlay and Native Navigation - Pros and Cons

While CarPlay offers a convenient way to integrate your iPhone with your vehicle, there are certain advantages to using your car's native navigation system. For example, BMW's NAV app features an AR view with helpful arrows for navigating unfamiliar areas. Additionally, automatic lane changes only work with the native app, providing a unique driving experience when functioning correctly. The system also pre-conditions the battery before arriving at DCFC stations.

Despite these benefits, many users still prefer Apple Maps or other third-party apps for their convenience and ease of use. With the ability to click on an address in Yelp and have Apple Maps start routing immediately upon entering the car, it's no wonder that this option is popular for about 80% of users' navigation needs. However, for those who need to avoid traffic at all costs, Waze remains a go-to choice for its real-time updates and alternate route suggestions.

In conclusion, while CarPlay provides a seamless integration between iPhones and vehicles, recent issues with blocking native navigation apps like BMW's NAV have left some users frustrated. Trying out potential solutions such as closing out phone-based mapping apps or killing Apple Maps entirely may help regain access to your preferred navigation system. Ultimately, each driver must weigh the pros and cons of CarPlay versus their car's built-in nav to determine which option best suits their needs.