Truck Bed Rack Systems: Yakima and Front Runner Options Plus Rentals from REI

Truck Bed Rack Systems: Yakima and Front Runner Options Plus Rentals from REI
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Truck Bed Rack Systems

Truck bed rack systems are becoming more popular for those who want to take their camping experience to the next level. These racks provide a platform for mounting an RTT (Roof Top Tent) on the truck's bed, allowing you to camp anywhere without having to worry about setting up a tent. Yakima and Front Runner are two of the leading brands in this market, but due to the proprietary nature of their crossbar insertion system, some solutions may be delayed.

When it comes to choosing an RTT, there are many things to consider. Many people don’t like them because they can be uncomfortable. If you’re looking for something bigger than a hardshell RTT, such as an iKamper, then you might want to consider mounting it backwards so that the ladder and annex are on the opposite side of the kitchen.

For those living in warm climates, heat is often a bigger issue than cold. Insulation is important when it comes to keeping cool during hot summer days. The iKamper is well insulated with no windows or ventilation on one side; however, all of its insulation is on the underside of the hard shell and not removable. Therefore, if temperatures reach above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it may become too hot inside the RTT.

If you’re unsure whether an RTT is right for you, renting one from stores like REI could help you make your decision. That way, you can try out different models before investing in one. Additionally, cots tend to be much more comfortable than sleeping on a hard flat surface, especially in warm weather since they don’t insulate or breathe as well as a mattress would.

As far as truck bed rack systems go, Yakima and Front Runner offer quality solutions that fit most crossbars. However, if you plan on using a fly rod holder or other accessories that require extra space between the rack and tonneau cover, you should look into alternative options. Ultimately, choosing the right truck bed rack system will depend on your needs and preferences.

What is a truck bed rack system?

A truck bed rack system is a type of rack that can be installed on the bed of a truck, usually for carrying cargo or other items. Examples include the Yakima overhaul and Front Runner.

Are there any solutions available for the Rivian?

Solutions may be delayed due to the proprietary nature of the cross bar insertion.

What are the advantages of using an RTT?

An RTT is generally more comfortable than hammock camping, and they are easy to set up and take down. They also provide protection from the elements and wildlife.

Is it possible to fit four people in an RTT?

It depends on the size of the RTT. Generally, two people can fit comfortably in a two-person mini, while larger models may be able to accommodate four people.

What should I consider when purchasing an RTT?

Consider factors such as insulation, ventilation, comfort, and size. You may also want to rent one first to get a feel for it before making a purchase.

Are there any alternatives to cots for sleeping in an RTT?

Yes, Exped Megamats are a great alternative to cots for sleeping in an RTT. They provide more comfort and cushioning than sleeping on a hard flat surface.

What are the benefits of using a truck bed rack system?

Truck bed rack systems provide a secure and convenient way to transport items on the back of your truck. They also help to protect your cargo from the elements and can be easily removed when not in use.

Are there any safety considerations when using a truck bed rack system?

Yes, it is important to make sure that all items are securely fastened to the rack before driving. Additionally, it is important to check the weight capacity of the rack to ensure that it can safely carry the items you plan to transport.