Transport Your Bikes Safely and Conveniently In Your BMW With the Right Bike Rack or Trailer

Transport Your Bikes Safely and Conveniently In Your BMW With the Right Bike Rack or Trailer
How to Put a Bike Rack on Your BMW -

X is a great car for carrying bikes. It has plenty of space in the back and with the rear seats down, it can fit two road bikes easily. Bike covers are recommended to protect the bike from dirt and scratches. For those who want more security, there are several bike mounts available on the market that attach to the towbar or roof bars. The BMW Bike Rack 2.0 is one such option; it folds up compactly when not in use and pivots out of the way to open the boot. Thule also offers extendable roof bars which leave the towbar free for a trailer if necessary. The Thule Velo Compact 2 works well with this system and surprisingly does not affect range too much. An electric bike may be heavy but can still be carried with these racks – just make sure to remove the battery and cover any holes before loading it onto the rack.For those who don't want to use a bike rack, there are other options. The IX has plenty of room in the boot and can fit two mountain bikes with their wheels removed. This is an ideal solution for those who only need to transport one or two bikes occasionally as it doesn't require any additional equipment. It's also possible to carry a single bike without taking off the wheels by using straps through the car doors – just make sure they're secure before driving!

If you have more than two bikes, then a trailer may be necessary. There are several types available; box trailers which offer protection from weather and theft, flatbeds which allow easy loading and unloading of multiple bicycles at once, or even enclosed trailers if security is paramount. Whatever type you choose make sure that it fits your towbar correctly – some models come with adjustable height settings so check this first before buying!

Finally, when transporting your bicycle always remember safety first: wear protective clothing such as gloves and helmets while riding; ensure all parts are securely fastened onto the vehicle; never overload either yourself or your car; drive carefully on roads where cyclists might be present; obey speed limits at all times - especially near schools or residential areas - and lastly enjoy cycling responsibly!

My IX is arriving in April. Has anyone used IX to carry bikes regularly?

Yes, I use the BMW bike rack on the towbar and it's been good so far. It folds, is easy to store, and has good quality.

Do I need to order the towbar?

Yes, you need the towbar.

Is it a pain to store?

No, it folds up really compactly and is easy to store.

Does it impact driving experience, handling?

I haven't noticed anything in the handling, but it does turn off the assisted parking as it does not know the end of the car anymore. The camera still works.

I've been looking at the Thule extendable roof bars. Can it be used with this?

Yes, it works great with Thule Velo Compact 2. The range wasn't affected all that much.

Does it fold up/out of the way without bikes?

Yes, the rack itself folds out of the way even with the bikes on, so the tail gate will open normally.

Is this in the US -- I thought there was no bike rack availability in the US?

Look at these . I don't see them on the US website, maybe Amazon can help out.

I have an electric bike -- heavy -- and it looks like your bikes are heavy as well. So do you think this would work for an electric bike?

You can load your bike next to the car which makes it somewhat safer. Do remove the bike battery (and cover the hole of there is one), it'll drastically reduce the weight and thus handling. And keeps the bike under the 44 lbs weight limit. Check your front fork. These days they sometimes use 110 mm thru-axles , you'll need the adapter. If you decide you do want a towbar mounted one, go for the BMW one. It's the best one.