Tire & Wheel Options for the R1T: What's Suitable for Off-Roading and Snowy Conditions?

Tire & Wheel Options for the R1T: What's Suitable for Off-Roading and Snowy Conditions?
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When it comes to selecting the right tire and wheel for your vehicle, there are many factors to consider. For instance, if you plan on doing some off-roading, then a larger wheel size may be more appropriate than a smaller one. On the other hand, if you plan on mostly driving on paved roads, then a smaller wheel size might be best.

The Adventure package of the R1T comes with 22" Sport Bright wheels, which is great for those who want an attractive look but also need to drive on dirt roads occasionally. However, if you don't plan on doing any heavy off-roading such as going down the Rubicon Trail, then the 21" standard package might be better suited for your needs.

In terms of tires, all three OEM tires that come with the R1T have an M+S rating (mud and snow). This means they can handle some light snow conditions, but none of them are true winter tires. If you plan on driving in snowy conditions often, then it's worth considering getting 20" tires with 3PMSF rating instead. These tires will provide better grip and traction during winter months compared to all-season tires.

If you're looking for winter tires specifically for 22" wheels, there are only two or three choices available. Nokian makes the Hakka 10 with studs, but unfortunately not the Hakka R3 without studs. Additionally, running such small sidewalls on a truck in any condition is not recommended - especially in winter when extra grip and traction are needed.

Overall, depending on how much off-roading you plan on doing and what kind of weather conditions you expect to face, you should decide whether to go with the 22" Sport Bright wheels or switch to the 21" standard package. If you do opt for the latter option, make sure to get 20" tires with 3PMSF rating for optimal performance in winter months.

What should I consider when selecting a tire/wheel for my R1T?

Consider the type of terrain you will be driving on. If you are mostly on paved roads, then either the 21" standard package or 22" Sport Bright wheels will be suitable. However, if you plan to do some camping using dirt roads, then the 22" Sport Bright wheels may be more suitable.

Are the 22" Sport Bright wheels suitable for muddy conditions?

The 22" Sport Bright wheels may not be as suitable for muddy conditions as the 20" tires that come with the standard package. The 20" tires have a 3PMSF rating, which makes them better suited for winter conditions than any all-season tire.

Are there any winter tires available in a 22"?

There are a few choices available, such as Nokian's Hakka 10 with studs and other studless options. However, due to the small sidewall size, it may not be ideal for winter driving conditions.

What other tire/wheel options are available?

There are a few other options available, such as the 22" Sport Bright wheels with all-season tires, or the 20" wheels with all-terrain tires. All-terrain tires provide better grip and traction in off-road conditions, while all-season tires are more suitable for paved roads.

Are there any advantages to using larger wheels?

Larger wheels can provide a smoother ride due to their increased diameter, which reduces road noise and vibration. Additionally, larger wheels can improve handling performance due to their increased contact patch with the road surface.

Are there any downsides to using larger wheels?

The main downside of using larger wheels is that they can reduce fuel efficiency due to their increased weight and rolling resistance. Additionally, larger wheels may require additional suspension modifications in order to maintain proper wheel alignment.