The Practical Benefits and Creative Uses of the Tailgate Parcel Shelf in Your Luxury Vehicle

The Practical Benefits and Creative Uses of the Tailgate Parcel Shelf in Your Luxury Vehicle
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Title: The Curious Case of the Tailgate Parcel Shelf

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Understanding the Tailgate Parcel Shelf

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Sub-Title: Uncovering its Purpose and Functionality

The tailgate parcel shelf is a feature found in some vehicles, such as the BMW iX. At first glance, it may seem like an unnecessary addition, serving only as a vanity cover. However, upon closer inspection, one can find that there are practical uses for this component.

Firstly, the tailgate parcel shelf provides additional support to the vehicle's structure. The curvature of the rear window and the tailgate itself extend beyond the cargo floor and lower parcel shelf. This means that when the tailgate panel dovetails into the lower parcel shelf, it completely encloses the "trunk" area. As a result, there is a need for a trunk release handle on the passenger side inside that space.

Secondly, both panels (the tailgate parcel shelf and the lower parcel shelf) can be completely removed for additional storage height. While there isn't any concealed storage cubby for either shelf, you have the option to leave them out in your garage or store them on the cargo floor if needed.

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Noise Insulation and Other Benefits

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Sub-Title: How the Tailgate Parcel Shelf Contributes to Vehicle Comfort

One noticeable benefit of having a tailgate parcel shelf installed is its potential impact on noise insulation. Some drivers have reported that their car sounds quieter at highway speeds when the shelf is in place. It seems plausible that adding another baffle could affect sound levels within the vehicle.

This observation aligns with experiences from drivers of hatchback cars who noticed increased noise levels after removing their rear parcel shelves. Consequently, it appears that these shelves do provide some degree of noise insulation, contributing to a more comfortable driving experience.

Moreover, luxury vehicles like the BMW iX prioritize providing a smooth and quiet ride. The inclusion of the tailgate parcel shelf, as well as other insulation materials throughout the car, demonstrates the engineers' commitment to delivering a high-quality driving experience. These fine touches set luxury vehicles apart from their competitors and are appreciated by discerning drivers.

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Creative Uses for the Tailgate Parcel Shelf

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Sub-Title: Making the Most of this Unique Feature

Although the tailgate parcel shelf may not have an immediately apparent purpose, it can still be utilized in various ways. For example, some people use it as a storage space for items that could otherwise be crushed by objects in the trunk, such as hats or delicate accessories.

Additionally, since the shelf is removable, you can experiment with different configurations depending on your needs. If you require more storage height, simply remove both panels and store them elsewhere until they are needed again.

In conclusion, while the tailgate parcel shelf might initially seem like an odd addition to a vehicle, it does serve practical purposes and contributes to overall comfort. Whether providing structural support, noise insulation, or acting as a makeshift storage area, this unique feature has its merits. So next time you come across a tailgate parcel shelf in a vehicle like the BMW iX, take a moment to appreciate its subtle contributions to your driving experience.