Taking Delivery of Your Tesla Vehicle: What to Expect and How to Get a J1772 Charging Adapter

Taking Delivery of Your Tesla Vehicle: What to Expect and How to Get a J1772 Charging Adapter
SAE J1772 Charging Adapter

Delivering a Tesla vehicle comes with plenty of questions and concerns. One common question is whether or not the J1772 Charging Adapter will be included in the delivery. The answer is no, it is no longer supplied as part of the package.

In 2018, when taking delivery of a 3 model, the adapter came with the charger and was included in the package. However, when taking delivery of a Y model in 2020, before they stopped providing free chargers, the adapter was separate and had to be purchased separately.

If your new Tesla doesn't have the adapter in any of its storage compartments (glovebox, center console, sub-trunk), then you can contact the delivery center and they will give you one for free. Additionally, if you don't receive a USB drive or premium connectivity trial with your car, these should also be available from your delivery center upon request.

It's important to note that each Tesla delivery experience may vary slightly depending on date and location. For example, one customer reported receiving their parcel shelf with their MY Fremont delivered on 12/12/2022. Another customer reported finding their J1772 adapter in the trunk in the right side compartment, and their USB drive already plugged into the glove box after taking delivery of their MY model.

Overall, it is helpful to know what to expect when taking delivery of a Tesla vehicle so that you can make sure all components are present and accounted for. If something is missing or incorrect, contact your local delivery center to ensure all items are provided correctly.It is also important to note that the J1772 adapter may not be compatible with all Tesla models. For example, it will not work on a Model S or X as they use different charging ports. Additionally, some older versions of the adapter are no longer supported by newer vehicles and must be replaced in order for them to function properly.

Finally, if you have any questions about delivery or need assistance with your new vehicle, contact Tesla customer service directly via phone or email for further help and guidance. They can provide additional information regarding what components should come included in each package and how best to utilize them once delivered.

Will I get a J1772 Charging Adapter when I take physical delivery?

Yes, the car will come with a J1772 adapter. It should be in the glovebox, center console, or sub-trunk storage. If it is not there, let the delivery center know and they will give you one for free.

Did they change it so the adapter is delivered with the car?

The adapter used to be included with the Tesla Mobile charger but now it is separate and must be purchased separately.

Do they still include a USB drive?

Yes, the USB drive for Sentry should be in the glove box - already plugged in.

What about a parcel shelf?

A parcel shelf is an optional accessory that can be added to your vehicle. It was included in MYP Fremont deliveries on 12/12/2022.

Do I get a premium connectivity trial?

Yes, you should have a premium connectivity trial. If you try to stream music and it tells you that you don't have it, please contact customer service.

What about a car cover?

A car cover is an optional accessory that can be purchased separately. It is not included in the standard delivery package.

Do I get a charging cable?

Yes, you will receive a charging cable with your vehicle. It should be in the glovebox or center console. If it is not there, please contact customer service.

Is there a warranty on the car?

Yes, all Tesla vehicles come with a 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty and 8-year/unlimited mile battery and drive unit warranty.

Does the warranty cover maintenance?

The limited warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship but does not cover regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, etc.