Taking Delivery of a Tesla Model Y - Prepare Ahead to Make the Experience Smooth & Exciting!

Taking Delivery of a Tesla Model Y - Prepare Ahead to Make the Experience Smooth & Exciting!
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Taking delivery of a Tesla vehicle is an exciting experience. Many customers are curious about what to expect in terms of items included with the car. I recently took delivery of a Model Y and wanted to share my experience for others who may be wondering the same thing.

The car came with a J1772 adapter, which was located in the trunk on the right side compartment. There was also a USB drive for Sentry mode in the glove box already plugged in. Additionally, there was a premium connectivity trial that allowed me to stream music.

It seems that some items have changed since 2018 when I took delivery of my Model 3. For example, it had Michelin tires instead of Continental tires and no rear license plate frame. It's important to note that these items are usually ordered separately and not included with the car upon delivery.

I was fortunate enough to have ordered a wall charger before taking delivery of the car, so I could install it prior to receiving the vehicle. The mobile charger arrived two weeks after delivery. It's helpful to plan ahead and order any necessary items before taking physical delivery of your Tesla vehicle.The delivery process itself was quite straightforward. I received an email with instructions on how to pick up the car and what documents were needed. Upon arrival, I had to sign a few papers and then take possession of the vehicle. The Tesla representative gave me a brief overview of some features before handing over the keys.

Overall, taking delivery of my Model Y was an exciting experience that went smoothly thanks to proper planning ahead of time. It's important for customers to be aware that certain items may not come included with their cars upon delivery so they can plan accordingly in advance if necessary.