Stay Secure and Protected From Theft With the iX's Anti-Theft Features

Stay Secure and Protected From Theft With the iX's Anti-Theft Features
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X ist mit einem Keyless-Go-System ausgestattet, das die neueste UWB-Technologie (Ultra Wide Band) verwendet. Diese Technologie wurde von ADAC getestet und als sehr sicher befunden. Der Schlüssel sendet ein Signal an den Fahrzeugcomputer, der dann entscheidet, ob der Schlüssel gültig ist oder nicht. Dadurch können Diebstähle über Relaisangriffe verhindert werden.


The iX is equipped with a keyless go system that uses the latest UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology. This technology has been tested by ADAC and found to be very secure. The key sends a signal to the vehicle computer which then decides if the key is valid or not. This prevents thefts via relay attacks.

The  iX also has a motion sensor that detects when the car is being moved without the key. If this happens, an alarm will sound and the vehicle will be immobilized. This feature can be activated or deactivated via the infotainment system.

The iX also has a theft-proof locking system. The doors are locked automatically when the car is parked and can only be opened with the key. This prevents thieves from entering the car even if they have broken a window.

The iX also has a GPS tracking system that allows you to locate your car in case it is stolen. The system sends an alert to your phone if the car is moved without the key. You can then use the app to track the location of your car and contact the police.

Finally, the iX has a remote start system that allows you to start your car from a distance. This feature is especially useful if you want to warm up your car on cold days or cool it down on hot days. It also prevents thieves from stealing your car as they won't be able to start it without the key.

Overall, the iX has a range of anti-theft features that make it one of the safest cars on the road. With these features, you can rest assured that your car is secure and protected from theft.

Does anyone take any additional steps to protect their iX?

Yes, some people use a Faraday pouch or Disklok to protect their iX. However, it is not clear if a Disklok would fit the steering wheel due to its odd shape. Additionally, some people lock their physical keys in a safe and use their phone or digital key card for entry.

Is there an option to add four-digit pin codes to drive the iX?

BMW has improved the keyless security since 2018 by using keys with motion sensors that stop sending signals after a few minutes of being motionless. It is unclear if this technology is used for the iX yet, but it does have digital key plus which uses UWB technology to make relay attacks almost impossible even when moving.

Why does the proximity lock sometimes stop working?

The proximity lock stops working every few times it unlocks without you entering the car. This is likely because it assumes you are not entering the car and reverts to wanting faceID unlock.

Is a Faraday pouch necessary?

No, a Faraday pouch is not necessary as the iX uses UWB technology for its normal key.

How do I get keyless entry in my iX 40?

Keyless entry is part of the optional comfort pack on the iX 40 M Sport version, but standard on the iX 40 M Sport Edition version. It allows you to unlock the car without having to use a physical key.

What other anti-theft features are available?

The iX has an alarm system that is triggered when someone attempts to break into the car. Additionally, it has an immobilizer which prevents the car from being started without the correct key. It also has a tracking system which can be used to locate the car if it is stolen.