Should You Upgrade Your Rivian with a Reinforced Underbody Shield for Off-Roading?

Should You Upgrade Your Rivian with a Reinforced Underbody Shield for Off-Roading?
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Off-Road Upgrade with Reinforced Underbody Shield

Rivian models come standard with tow hooks, but the reinforced underbody shield is an additional $1700 option. The front metal piece is not the optional composite material shield that costs $2K, as seen in a video detailing the underside of the vehicle.

The question arises whether or not the extra cost and weight of the reinforced underbody shield is necessary for planned off-roading on forest service type roads. According to Rivian’s website, the shield absorbs, deflects and distributes force from impacts, and is designed for protection in extreme conditions. It weighs 319 lbs.

For those who plan to tackle Jeep trails, it may be worth considering the added cost and weight. However, if only dirt/gravel roads are expected, then there’s no need for the reinforcement. Most forest roads don't even require 4WD or AWD. Technical trails or obstacles/rock crawling would benefit from the extra protection.

It all comes down to personal preference and budgeting. Those who do a fair amount of off road driving in the summer can opt out of the reinforcement due to its weight, while others may choose to invest in it for more extreme conditions.

The underbody shield is made of a composite material that’s designed to absorb and deflect impacts. It also helps protect the battery, suspension components, and other parts from damage due to rocks or debris on the road. The metal piece in front provides additional protection for the radiator and engine bay area.

It's important to note that even with an upgraded underbody shield, it doesn't guarantee complete protection against all obstacles encountered while off-roading. Drivers should still be mindful of their surroundings when driving off-road trails as there are always potential hazards present such as large rocks or deep ruts which can cause significant damage regardless of any protective measures taken beforehand.

In conclusion, whether you choose to upgrade your Rivian model with a reinforced underbody shield depends on how much off-roading you plan on doing and what type of terrain you expect to encounter along your journey. If only dirt/gravel roads are expected then there may not be enough benefit from investing in this option; however if more extreme conditions are anticipated then it could provide added peace of mind knowing that extra layer of protection is available for those unexpected bumps along the way!

Do Rivian models without the off-road upgrade come with an underbody shield?

No, but the Adventure pack now comes standard with tow hooks. The underbody shield is a $1700 option.

Is the front metal piece the optional composite material shield that costs $2K?

No, see this video that shows the underside in some detail.

Is the reinforced underbody shield necessary for forest service type roads?

No, you don't need it for fire roads, even for modest rocky stuff. If you plan to tackle Jeep trails then it is recommended. It will not have an impact on range of the vehicle, only on range of your wallet.

How much does the regular non-reinforced underbody shield weigh?

Protecting the underbody of our vehicle is a layered shield of high-strength steel, alloyed aluminum and carbon fiber composite. Engineered to absorb, deflect and distribute force from impacts, the shield is designed for protection in the most extreme off-road conditions. The Reinforced Underbody Shield weighs 319 lbs.

Is the underbody shield designed to protect against rocks, stumps and other debris?

Yes, the reinforced underbody shield is designed to protect against rocks, stumps, and other debris. It also provides protection from water crossings, mud pits, and other off-road hazards. The shield is made of high-strength steel, alloyed aluminum, and carbon fiber composite for maximum protection.

Does the underbody shield provide additional ground clearance?

Yes, the reinforced underbody shield adds an additional 1.5 inches of ground clearance. This helps to reduce the risk of damage from rocks, stumps, and other debris.

How does the underbody shield affect the vehicle's range?

The Reinforced Underbody Shield has no impact on range. It is designed to absorb, deflect and distribute force from impacts while protecting the underside of your vehicle in extreme off-road conditions.

Is there a warranty on the reinforced underbody shield?

Yes, Rivian offers a limited warranty on the Reinforced Underbody Shield for up to three years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first). The warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that may occur during normal use.