Shady Business Practices? A Closer Look at Jeda Products Complaints and BBB Reports

Shady Business Practices? A Closer Look at Jeda Products Complaints and BBB Reports
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Jeda Products - A Shady Business?

Jeda Products is a company that has been around for quite some time, and they are known to produce high-quality products. However, there have been recent complaints about the company not delivering orders or responding to customer inquiries. This has led many people to wonder if Jeda Products is still in business or if it's just another scam.

One person who ordered from Jeda Products last year (May) did not receive their order nor were they able to get in touch with anyone at the company. They feel like they've been scammed but know that others have received their items in the past. The individual tried to contact Jeda Products directly and through friends, but none of them resulted in any luck. They plan on reporting the company to anywhere possible and trying to revert the charge on their credit card.

Another person suggested disputing the charge with your credit card company as it gives Jeda Products a chance to respond. It's a win-win situation where you either get the product, and the dispute can be reverted, or you get back your money as the product never shipped. Historically, Jeda Products made great products but was slow to ship. However, with Tesla redesigning cars and incorporating components built into the car from the factory, it could have destroyed their business. Additionally, overseas companies ripping off their designs and selling for pennies on the dollar didn't help either.

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BBB Complaints Against Jeda Products

Unfortunately, one individual is still trying to get their money back from Jeda Products after opening an investigation with BBB and FTC. BBB’s website confirmed that the business is shady at best, with hundreds of complaints along the same lines of people never getting their money back. A few weeks after opening the case, they suddenly got a shipping confirmation from Jeda Products without any other emails or explanations. They immediately replied telling them that they only want a refund and do not need any of their products whatsoever.

The suggestion given by this individual is to open a case with BBB as well. For anyone else considering ordering from Jeda Products, don't place an order as you will most likely lose your money and never see any products. Another person commented that Jeda Products owes them money (not a product), which they assume they'll never see again. If someone is trying to get their money back, they must go through their credit card company.

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Is Jeda Products An Unethical Business?

Someone mentioned that they sent an email asking about commissions owed to them by Jeda Products but received no reply. However, when they sent an email from an anonymous email address inquiring about which product was right for their car, Jeda Products replied. This suggests that they're only interested in replying if it leads to a sale.

Jeda Products is registered in Delaware by a legal services office but physically based in California. If they genuinely are trying to scam people, they have to answer to the California Attorney General. While this individual isn't a customer of theirs and can't file any complaint, if they have a pattern of doing this intentionally, someone should put a stop to it.

In conclusion, it seems like Jeda Products may not be running its business ethically anymore. With numerous complaints against them filed with BBB and FTC, it's clear that something needs to change within the company if they want to continue operating successfully. Until then, individuals should avoid placing orders with them and seek refunds through their credit card companies if necessary.