Rivian's R1S Content Set to Release Tomorrow - What Pre-Order Holders Need To Know

Rivian's R1S Content Set to Release Tomorrow - What Pre-Order Holders Need To Know
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Rivian's R1S content is set to release tomorrow but it may not be what pre-order holders are expecting. While the YouTubers did provide some views of the interior, they didn't give any useful new information that wasn't already known. The videos were more geared towards a specific demographic rather than providing insight for pre-order holders who have waited 3 years.

It would be beneficial if Rivian released some information about the "Longer Range" R1S such as battery pack size and range before EPA testing, as well as approximate cost. It would also be great to see reviews from those who have received their R1S and can offer an honest opinion on its performance, features, value, and worthiness of the wait.

Overall, while these videos gave viewers a look at the interior, there was nothing groundbreaking or exciting revealed. Pre-order holders will likely need to wait longer for answers to their questions and for a review from someone with first-hand experience with the vehicle.

Rivian has been tight-lipped about the R1S and its features, but they have released some information. The company has stated that the vehicle will come with a range of up to 400 miles on a single charge, as well as an impressive 0-60 time of 3 seconds. It also comes with an advanced suspension system for improved handling and comfort.

The interior is said to be luxurious and comfortable, featuring leather seats, wood trim accents, ambient lighting options, and more. There are also plenty of tech features such as wireless charging pads for phones or tablets in each seatback pocket along with USB ports throughout the cabin for device connectivity.

It's unclear what else Rivian may reveal tomorrow regarding their upcoming R1S content release from YouTubers but pre-order holders should remain hopeful that something useful will be revealed soon enough so they can make informed decisions when it comes time to purchase their vehicles later this year or early next year. Until then all we can do is wait patiently while keeping our fingers crossed!

Is R1S content releasing tomorrow from YouTubers?

Maybe not. It is likely that nothing will happen until all timezones are awake and can react to it at the same time.

Could you please make a detailed video for internal things which we are not able to see?

If you are looking for 3rd row leg room, there is one more video starting from 11:00. We did learn that the R1S comes with a carabiner key and a flashlight in the door. There are also some views of the interior at 3:06-3:46 in the first video and a few more 20-30 second glimpses in the second.

Why did Rivian choose vloggers to do these videos rather than car enthusiasts?

These videos are not for preorder holders to get more excited about the thing they already have on order. They are to get a spotlight on an upcoming ESUV for a specific demographic, one that hasn't had a preorder in for 3 years already.

What information is missing from these videos?

As a pre order holder, many people are missing information about the ride, handling, space, what could have been changed, what is truly impressive, what falls off, what should have been left off, and most importantly was it worth the wait. Additionally, there is no information about the "Longer Range" R1S such as the planned size of the battery pack and some idea of its range pre-EPA or approximate cost.

Is there any other way to get more information?

Yes, you can join the Rivian Owners Forum and ask questions directly to the owners. You can also check out some of the reviews from the press that have been released. Additionally, you can follow the Rivian Twitter account for updates on new content and events.