Rivian's New Rockville Location: Offering Electric Vehicle Access to Maryland Residents

Rivian's New Rockville Location: Offering Electric Vehicle Access to Maryland Residents
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Rivian has recently opened a new location in Rockville, Maryland. The address is 1300 Rockville Pike and it is not open to the public yet. It is primarily a delivery staging location for early pre-order holders who live in the area.

Rivian's Rockville location is located on a property that includes the showroom, parking garage and an 18 bay service facility. Although the showroom is not intended as a retail hub, many people are excited about the possibility of seeing Rivian vehicles up close.

Unfortunately, this location does not have any Rivian models on display yet, but there is hope that they will be available soon. In addition, Rivian plans to open another dealership in Gaithersburg or Washington D.C., which would make it easier for customers in the area to access services.

The opening of Rivian's Rockville location marks an exciting milestone for electric vehicle enthusiasts in Maryland. Once the dealership opens its doors to the public, customers will be able to experience first-hand the innovative features of Rivian's R1T and R1S models. From their impressive range to their luxurious interiors, these vehicles offer something special for everyone.

In the meantime, those interested can learn more about Rivian's products by visiting their website or following them on social media. With so much excitement surrounding this new dealership, we can't wait to see what else Rivian has in store for us!

Rivian's Rockville location is the first of its kind in Maryland and it will be a great addition to the area. Not only does this new dealership provide customers with access to Rivian's vehicles, but it also serves as an example of how electric vehicle technology can benefit our communities.

The opening of Rivian's Rockville location is just one step towards making electric vehicles more accessible for everyone. With more locations popping up around the country, we are sure that many people will soon have access to these amazing cars!

Is the Rivian location in Rockville, Maryland open to the public?

No, this location is not open to the public. It is a delivery staging location and is only intended for early pre-order holders who live in the area.

Will there be any models on display at the Rockville location?

No, this location will not have any models on display.

When will Rivian open a retail hub?

Currently, the only retail hub is located in California. There are plans to open additional locations in Gaithersburg and Washington D.C., but no timeline has been announced yet.

Are there any events or test drives available?

At this time, there are no events or test drives available.

Is the Rockville location now a Tesla dealership?

Yes, the Rivian location in Rockville moved a few months ago and is now a Tesla dealership.

What services are available at the Rockville location?

The Rockville location is a delivery staging location and offers pre-order holders the opportunity to pick up their vehicles. Additionally, they offer service and maintenance for Tesla vehicles.

Is there a Rivian dealership in Maryland?

No, there is not currently a Rivian dealership in Maryland. However, there are plans to open one in Gaithersburg in the near future.

Are there any other locations nearby where I can purchase a Rivian vehicle?

Yes, there are several other locations nearby where you can purchase a Rivian vehicle. These include locations in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware.

Does the Rockville location offer any special discounts or incentives?

No, the Rockville location does not offer any special discounts or incentives at this time. However, Rivian does offer a variety of incentives and discounts for pre-order holders.