Rivian's 2021: A Year of Exciting Progress, From Delivery of Cars to Investing in Renewables

Rivian's 2021: A Year of Exciting Progress, From Delivery of Cars to Investing in Renewables
Rivian Reports R1T/R1S Production And Delivery Numbers

Rivian has had an exciting year, with their first deliveries to customers and opening of service centers. They have also recently become a publicly traded company. The next several months will remain a steep climb as they continue to ramp up operations. Many reservation holders revised their orders to the Large Pack battery in order to get an earlier delivery date, which is estimated at July - September 2022. This is great news for those who don't need the 400 mile range battery but don't want to wait until 2023 either.

Rivian is also building out an extensive charging network, along with other companies like Electrify America. This should be more than enough for most people, depending on how often they charge at home versus public charging stations. Those who received the email from Rivian were excited to see the assembly line photo included.

Overall, it's been an eventful year for Rivian and they are continuing to make progress towards delivering vehicles to customers. Their customer support and enthusiasm has been unwavering throughout this journey and they appreciate all of the support they have received. It looks like there are many exciting things ahead for Rivian in 2021!

Rivian has also been working on expanding their service centers. They are now open in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington with more locations coming soon. This is great news for those who want to get their vehicles serviced quickly and conveniently.

The Rivian app has also seen some updates recently which include the ability to schedule a test drive or service appointment directly from the app as well as access to vehicle health information such as battery level and range estimates. The app will continue to be updated over time so that customers can stay connected with their vehicles even when they're not driving them!

Finally, Rivian is continuing its commitment towards sustainability by investing in renewable energy sources like solar power for its factories and charging stations across the country. This should help reduce emissions associated with electric vehicle use while still providing an enjoyable experience for drivers everywhere!

Overall it's been an exciting year of progress at Rivian - from becoming a publicly traded company all the way through delivering cars into customer hands - there's plenty of good info out there about what they've accomplished this past year alone! We look forward to seeing what else 2021 brings us from RJ & Co., including new features on both hardware & software fronts alike!

What is Rivian?

Rivian is an electric vehicle company that has been building out its operations over the past 12 months, including delivering vehicles to customers, opening service centers, deploying mobile service fleets, and installing charging sites.

How can I show my support for Rivian?

You can show your support for Rivian by attending events, taking drives, having conversations with Guides, and joining the First Mile tour in person.

What did Rivian do earlier this month?

Earlier this month, Rivian held its first quarterly employee town hall meeting.

I originally wanted a max pack battery but changed my order to the large pack. Will I still get an early delivery?

Yes, you will still get an early delivery. Most reservation holders revised their orders to the Large Pack due to the complexity of the Max Pack configuration. Your estimated delivery date should be between July and September 2022.

Is there enough public charging infrastructure for lower range vehicles?

Yes, there is enough public charging infrastructure for lower range vehicles. Rivian is building out its own extensive charging network, and other companies such as Electrify America are also working hard to build out their networks.

How often should I charge at home versus at a public charging station?

This depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider how often you need to use your vehicle and where you typically drive it when deciding how often you should charge at home versus at a public charging station.

What is the First Mile tour?

The First Mile tour is a series of events that Rivian is hosting across the country to give customers an opportunity to experience the vehicles and learn more about Rivian's mission.

What kind of events will be held during the First Mile tour?

During the First Mile tour, Rivian will host a variety of events, including test drives, meet-and-greets with Guides, and interactive activities.

How can I stay up to date on Rivian news?

You can stay up to date on Rivian news by signing up for the newsletter, following Rivian on social media, and joining the Rivian Owners Club.