Rivian Updates Delivery Timeline Estimate, Delays & Steps to Stay Informed

Rivian Updates Delivery Timeline Estimate, Delays & Steps to Stay Informed
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Rivian has recently announced that they will be introducing a new feature on their Account Page in early 2022, which will display the customer's delivery timing estimate. This is to bring added clarity and better understanding to delivery timing. However, many customers have yet to see this feature appear in their accounts.

It appears that Rivian may have encountered some production issues with Samsung, their battery supplier. As an alternative, Chevrolet will be releasing an electric Equinox in late 2023. Many customers are now considering other options as they wait for Rivian to update their timeline estimates.

Rivian had previously stated that the delivery estimate would start appearing by the end of January, however, it seems that due to recent events, this timeline has been pushed back. Customers who have contacted Rivian about the status of their delivery were told that their original estimated timelines remain unchanged.

It is uncertain when exactly the timeline estimates will begin appearing on Rivian’s Account Page, but speculation suggests it could be after the March 10 sales call. In the meantime, customers can stay informed by checking out news stories regarding Rivian and its progress.

Rivian has also released a statement that they are working hard to ensure the delivery timeline estimates appear as soon as possible. They have stated that their team is doing everything in its power to make sure customers get their vehicles on time and with no delays.

In addition, Rivian has been actively engaging with customers through social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, providing updates about the status of production and timelines for deliveries. This helps keep customers informed while waiting for an update from Rivian’s Account Page.

It appears that Rivian is taking all necessary steps to ensure customer satisfaction by keeping them updated on any changes or developments regarding their orders. Customers can rest assured knowing that they will be kept up-to-date throughout this process until the delivery timeline feature appears in early 2022.

Overall, it seems like there may still be some issues preventing the delivery timeline estimate from appearing on Rivians Account page at this time; however, it looks like these issues should be resolved shortly so customers can stay informed about when exactly they will receive their vehicle order!

Has anyone seen the new feature on their Rivian Account Page that will display delivery timing estimates?

Not yet. Customer Service has said to expect mine sometime during the first half of 2023.

What is the estimated timeline for delivery?

It is expected to be end of 2023 to beginning of 2024.

Is there any news about production problems?

Yes, there is a news story out that Rivian and Samsung (Rivian's battery supplier) have had a major falling out.

When will the new feature be populated?

It was said that the delivery estimate will roll out after the March 10 sales call.

Is it still possible to cancel my preorder?

Yes, you can still cancel your preorder.

Was one of the demands from Rivian that Samsung be financially responsible for any of the battery packs that burst into flames?

This has not been confirmed, but it is speculated.

Is there any other information available about the new feature?

Yes, Rivian has said that the delivery estimates will be based on customer location and order date.

How will customers know when their delivery estimate is available?

Customers will receive an email notification when their delivery estimate is available in their Rivian Account page.

What if I don't have a Rivian Account?

You can create a Rivian Account by visiting the website and clicking on "Create an Account" at the top of the page.