Rivian R1S - Preorder Now for Delivery by 10/31/2022!

Rivian R1S - Preorder Now for Delivery by 10/31/2022!
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Rivian's R1S is ready to build your vehicle 10/31/2022.

Rivian's R1S is an all-electric adventure vehicle that offers a unique combination of off-road capability, luxury, and performance. It has been designed to provide the ultimate driving experience, with features such as a dual-motor powertrain, adjustable air suspension, and a range of up to 400 miles. The R1S also comes with a variety of customization options, including wheel size, interior trim, and exterior color.

Preorder customers have been eagerly awaiting their vehicles since December 2019. Recently, Rivian sent out emails to confirm their configurations and updated delivery estimates for October 2022. This news was met with excitement from many preorder customers who had previously been expecting delivery in January or February 2023.

One customer in Concord, MA ordered the Nokian Hakka R5 SUV winter tires 275/50 R22 from Simpletire as they were the only place they found them in stock. They debated between 22in wheels and smaller wheels for winter tires but decided on the 22in wheels as the Nokian size wasn't quite correct for the 20in (or 21).

Another customer in Amherst, MA was curious about what interior the first customer ordered and if it was Ocean Coast with or without wood. They also expressed optimism that this latest round of delays will turn into under-promise and over-deliver in the early part of next year.

Unfortunately, one customer still hasn't received any updates on their configuration since they received the "confirm configuration" email a month ago. Their original delivery estimate was April-June but it still says "processing" on their estimate.

Overall, Rivian's R1S is an exciting new vehicle that offers a unique combination of features and customization options. Preorder customers are eagerly awaiting their vehicles and hoping for an earlier delivery date than expected. With the latest round of updates, it looks like Rivian is on track to deliver their vehicles in October 2022.

What is the R1S Ready To Build Your Vehicle 10/31/2022?

It is an email sent to customers who have preordered a Rivian R1S vehicle, confirming their configuration and providing an estimated delivery date.

Where is the customer located?

The customer is located in Concord, MA.

What tires did the customer order?

The customer ordered Nokian Hakka R5 SUV winter tires 275/50 R22 from Simpletire.

What interior did the customer order?

The customer ordered an Ocean Coast interior with or without wood.

What was the original delivery estimate?

The original delivery estimate was April-June 2022.

Is there any update on the delivery date?

No, the delivery date still says “processing” and the estimated delivery date remains April-June 2022.

What other features did the customer order?

The customer also ordered a tow package, a roof rack, and a trailer hitch.

Is there any additional information about the delivery date?

Yes, the email states that Rivian is working hard to deliver vehicles as soon as possible and that they will provide updates on the delivery date when they become available.

What payment methods are accepted?

Rivian accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, Rivian offers discounts for military personnel, first responders, teachers, students, and healthcare workers.