Rivian Delivers Electric Vehicle to Customers in Houston - Experiences and Updates from Delivery Day

Rivian Delivers Electric Vehicle to Customers in Houston - Experiences and Updates from Delivery Day
First drive: Rivian delivers the electric truck we've been waiting for | TechCrunch

Rivian has recently started delivering their electric vehicles to customers in the Houston, TX area. Those who have received their deliveries are eager to share their experiences with others.

For those wondering about Rivian charging station locations in Houston, there is one known delivery and another pre-order in San Antonio. The guide mentioned that they expect a delivery by the end of April and will be using Level 2 charging at home for most of their needs.

Texas laws do not pose any issues when it comes to selling directly to consumers or taking delivery in Texas. One customer took delivery on April 6th in San Marcos and was hauled down from Dallas by Rivian. Unfortunately, this customer won't be eligible for the State of Texas electric vehicle rebate since only vehicles bought through a "franchised dealership" qualify for the incentive. There is also some discussion in the Texas Legislature about implementing an annual electric vehicle tax because electric vehicles don't pay gas taxes.

Mike in Texas is expecting his R1S delivery tomorrow in Wimberley and is looking forward to the convenience of home delivery. He asked if anyone had a source where he could track and comment on the Legislature's pursuit of a road tax, which can be found here: [link]. Another customer, RivianATX, was expecting his R1T to be delivered but encountered some snags; they're hoping to meet up soon so they can compare notes.

One customer shared that they received their delivery two weeks ago and are loving it. They were curious if anyone got to test drive a Rivian in Texas before taking delivery and mentioned that there is a service center in Houston where some R1Ts may be available for customer test drives.

Bflow received delivery three weeks ago and compared it to their previous Tesla X experience. They said the ride was very smooth, comparable to the X in all purpose mode, much stiffer ride in sport mode, sound system is leaps and bounds better than the 2018 Tesla X, and feeling is much more solid than the Tesla. Bflow opted for El Cap Granite with Black Mountain interior and did not see the car before delivery as it was done via home delivery from Dallas.

Overall, customers seem pleased with their Rivian deliveries and are excited to get out on the roads with them soon!

Has anybody from the Houston area received a delivery so far?

Yes, one Rivian delivery has been made in the Houston area.

Have any Rivian charging stations been seen in the Houston area?

Not that we know of, but we are interested in finding out more about Rivian charging station locations in Houston.

Are there any issues with TX laws about selling directly to consumers?

No, selling direct and taking delivery in Texas won't be a problem.

Is there a way to track and comment on the Legislature's pursuit of a road tax?

Yes, here is an article about it and it includes a link to Texas Senate bill number 1728.

Did anyone here get to test drive a Rivian in Texas before taking delivery?

No clue, but we are eager to do a test drive.

What color combo did you get?

El Cap Granite with the Black Mountain interior.

Did you see/drive the R1T before taking delivery?

No, it was a bit of a leap of faith. However, they delivered in spades!

What was the delivery experience like?

It was a great experience! The delivery team was friendly and knowledgeable, and they took the time to explain all the features of the vehicle. They also gave us a tour of the Rivian facility and answered any questions we had.

How long did it take for you to get your delivery?

We received our delivery about two weeks after placing our order. We were very pleased with the speed of the delivery process.