Protect Your Tesla High Power Wall Connector with These Alternative Solutions to Payphone Hoods

Protect Your Tesla High Power Wall Connector with These Alternative Solutions to Payphone Hoods Induzeug Charging Cable Holder for Tesla, Charging Cable Organizer for Tesla, Wall Connector for All Tesla Model 3 Model Y Model X Model S : Automotive

## The Quest for the Perfect Payphone Hood

In today's world of smartphones and advanced technology, it might seem odd that someone would be searching for a payphone hood. However, this particular individual had a specific need in mind: protecting their Tesla High Power Wall Connector (HPWC) from snow thrown by a snow thrower. This blog post will explore some of the options they considered and provide valuable information for those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

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### Alternative Solutions to Payphone Hoods

While finding an actual payphone hood proved to be difficult, several alternative solutions were suggested. One option was using an outdoor fire extinguisher box, which comes in various sizes, is inexpensive, and easy to install. Another idea was repurposing heavy-duty plastic tubs or tanks commonly found at stores like Mills Fleet Farm or Tractor Supply. These could be cut and modified as needed to accommodate the HPWC and its cord while providing protection from snow and ice.

However, concerns were raised about the durability of these alternatives when exposed to cold temperatures and potential damage from chunks of ice being thrown by a snow thrower. As such, the search continued for a more suitable solution.

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### Locating Authentic Payphone Enclosures

With further research and assistance from online communities, it was discovered that the desired item was called an "L31 Payphone Enclosure." Armed with this new information, more targeted searches yielded better results on websites like eBay. Additionally, forums dedicated to discussing payphones and related equipment provided valuable resources for locating authentic enclosures.

One fascinating story shared involved an individual who found an old enclosure still mounted in public. After tracking down the company that owned it, they were told they could have it for free! So, if you're determined to find an authentic payphone hood for your own project, consider driving around town to locate one and then contacting the owner.

### Custom Fabrication and Creative Alternatives

If you're unable to find an authentic payphone hood or prefer a more unique solution, consider having a custom enclosure fabricated from sheet metal. This option allows for complete control over the design and ensures that it will be durable enough to withstand harsh winter conditions.

For those who want to make a statement with their HPWC protection, consider repurposing old gas pumps or other vintage items as creative alternatives. While these options may not be as practical in terms of space and functionality, they can certainly add a touch of nostalgia and personality to your setup.

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### Conclusion

Protecting your Tesla High Power Wall Connector from snow and ice is essential if you live in an area prone to harsh winter weather. While finding an authentic payphone hood may prove challenging, there are several alternative solutions available, ranging from repurposed plastic tubs to custom-fabricated enclosures. By exploring various options and utilizing online resources, you can find the perfect solution that meets both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences.