Protect Your Rivian R1T/R1S with Twraps' Pre-Cut PPF Kits: 10% Off Using Code HOLDMYBEER

Protect Your Rivian R1T/R1S with Twraps' Pre-Cut PPF Kits: 10% Off Using Code HOLDMYBEER
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Twraps offers pre-cut PPF kits for Rivian R1T/R1S, designed to protect the vehicle from scratches, chips, scuffs and more. The kits include full bumper, door entry, headlights, tail lights, tailgate, hood, rockers, truck bed side, door handles and tunnel door. Customers can also order just the top strip of the tail gate PPF if desired. Installation is easy and customers are provided with support if needed.

Twraps provides a 10% discount using code HOLDMYBEER and will soon be offering wraps for 21" Sport Bright wheels. Customers have reported great results after installation with no dirt build up around edges and replacement pieces sent at no cost if any issues arise during installation.

The company has received great reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate the customer service and quality products. If you're looking for an easy DIY project that will help keep your Rivian R1T/R1S protected from damage, consider trying out Twraps' pre-cut PPF kits.

Twraps also offers a variety of other products to help keep your vehicle looking its best. These include wheel wraps, window tinting and paint protection film (PPF). The company has been in business since 2018 and is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices.

The PPF kits are designed with precision for an exact fit on the Rivian R1T/R1S vehicles. They come with detailed instructions that make installation easy even for those who have never done it before. Twraps provides support if needed during installation or after purchase, so customers can be sure they're getting the best product possible.

In addition to pre-cut PPF kits, Twraps also offers custom cut pieces as well as full body wrap services for those who want more coverage than just a few pieces here and there. Customers can choose from hundreds of colors and finishes including matte black, gloss white, chrome silver and many others depending on their preference or desired look for their vehicle's exterior finishings .

If you're looking to protect your Rivian R1T/R1S from scratches chips scuffs etc., consider trying out Twrap's pre-cut PPF kit today! With 10% off using code HOLDMYBEER plus great customer service & quality products you won't regret it!

What pre-cut PPF kits are available for Rivian R1T/R1S?

Full Bumper, Door Entry, Headlights, Tail lights, Tailgate, Hood, Rockers, Truck Bed Side, Door Handles, Tunnel Door.

Does the PPF protect against cracking from heavy rocks?

No, PPF won't protect much against cracking (from say a heavy rock) protects from scratches, chips, scuffs etc...but if something heavy hits you the headlights will crack just the same.

Is wrapping included in the pre-cut PPF kits?

No, no wrapping is included as it takes some experience and technique to do properly + a heat gun that many people don't have.

Can I purchase just the top strip of the Tail Gate PPF?

Yes, I sell just the top strip too. Check out the listing and you will see it in the Size options.

Is installation of the pre-cut PPF kits easy?

The door entry PPF is an easy install. Of course, as with any of my products, if you have issues just let me know, I am always available and happy to help.

Do tunnel doors come with some form of PPF installed?

Yes, by default they come with PPF, but sometimes after a service center visit, it gets removed. I offer a replacement in 10mil which is way thicker than what the service center installs.

Will there be wraps for 21 sport bright to turn it black?

Not yet, but I would love to if I get access to them one day. For now I have the 20" All Terrain and I am releasing the 21" Road wheels wrap today or tomorrow.

Can you make wrap for front bumper pieces as one piece including charge port?

Yes, I can do it as one piece + charge port. However, I couldn't verify fitment + installation technique for the limited time I had the R1T last time I rented it. If you are game though, we can make it work - I can send you a stencil vinyl cutout for 1 pc installation and advise on installation technique (not sure it will work but we can try).

Is the PPF self-healing?

Yes, it is self-healing. The PPF has a special top coat that allows scratches to heal themselves when exposed to heat (like from the sun).