Overcoming The Luxury of Ultrasonic Sensors: Parking Without USS in Tesla Model Y

Overcoming The Luxury of Ultrasonic Sensors: Parking Without USS in Tesla Model Y
Tesla is changing the sensors in its cars. Here is why you should care | ZDNET

Ultrasonic sensors (USS) are a great way to measure distances when parking, but many cars of the 80s and 90s had body-colored bumpers and no ultrasonics. People managed to survive without ever having damaged or even touching any of those bumpers by simply practicing parking and learning how big their cars were. Some people used dangling ropes in their indoor garages to help measure forward distance while others punched holes in rear light assemblies due to failing to see protruding hydrants.

Tesla Model Y is one of the few cars that does not have USS installed. This has caused some inconvenience for owners who have become experts in judging minute distances from difficult angles. However, Tesla is expected to update its program soon so that it can use cameras instead of USS to measure distances.

The cost of luxury cars with USS today is much higher than it was in the past, adjusted for inflation. For example, a 2009 Dodge Caravan with parking sensors cost around $30k back then which would be equivalent to about $40k today. Many people feel like they should not have to pay such high prices for a car that comes “incomplete” as features seem to change almost monthly and some features may end up becoming non-functional over time.

Overall, although ultrasonic sensors make parking easier, they are not essential and can be replaced with other methods such as using tennis balls hung from the ceiling or turning your head left or right to judge how far you're in by some wall feature. The software updates that Tesla provides are also beneficial as they add new features and capabilities to the car. In the end, it's up to each individual consumer whether or not they want these features and if they are willing to pay extra for them.

When will Tesla modify the program to use cameras to measure distance?

The software update is anticipated to be released soon.

How did people drive for over 100 years without the function?

Cars had real bumpers and people used all sorts of systems to gauge distances when parking indoor and out.

What methods were used to measure distance before ultrasonic sensors?

People practiced parking and learned how big their cars were, while some installed a dangling rope in their indoor garage or hung a tennis ball from the ceiling using string.

Is it essential to have ultrasonic sensors?

It's nice to have even if they may not be essential.

What do you think about ultrasonic sensors?

I hate it as much as anybody, but we will manage, since we have to.

How can one measure forward distance without ultrasonic sensors?

One can turn their head left or right and judge how far they're in by some wall feature. It's not precise to an inch, but it should be good enough if there is a foot or two to spare.

Did you know that the software was going to change almost monthly when you purchased your Tesla?

One of the features is remote updates, so I expected new things and knew that old things could get broken inadvertently.

What do you think about the new software updates?

I'm excited to see what new features they come up with and how they improve the driving experience.

Do you think that Tesla will eventually replace ultrasonic sensors with cameras?

Yes, I believe that eventually they will be able to use cameras to measure distances instead of ultrasonic sensors.