Navigating the Challenges of Rivian’s “Priority Delivery”: A Comprehensive Guide for Ocean Coast Interior Customers

Navigating the Challenges of Rivian’s “Priority Delivery”: A Comprehensive Guide for Ocean Coast Interior Customers
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Rivian is a new player in the automotive industry, and they are making their first vehicles. Recently, there have been some issues with their “priority delivery” promise for Ocean Coast interior customers who placed orders as early as December 2018. Many of these customers were promised April/May delivery windows but found out that this was not going to be possible due to supply chain challenges.

This lack of communication has caused a lot of frustration among customers who feel betrayed by Rivian's broken promises. This feeling is compounded by the fact that other car manufacturers like GM are also cutting corners on features and chips just to push production along.

Some customers have decided to switch from an Ocean Coast interior to a Black Metallic interior, while others have chosen to wait it out despite the uncertain timeline. Unfortunately, even those with recent orders may not get their cars until Q2 or more likely Q3 2023.

It's understandable why people would be upset about this situation, especially after waiting years for their vehicle. However, it's important to remember that this is a temporary problem and that Rivian is listening and learning from customer feedback. It's clear that they are still trying to figure things out and take each day as it comes. Canceling orders should be seen as a last resort, since it won't solve the underlying issue.

In conclusion, although the situation with Ocean Coast interiors has been far from ideal, Rivian is showing signs of improvement in terms of communication and transparency. Hopefully, over time they will continue to learn from their mistakes and become better at keeping their customers informed and satisfied.

In the meantime, customers should remain patient and keep an open mind. After all, Rivian is still a relatively new company and they are learning as they go. With any luck, this situation will be resolved soon enough so that everyone can enjoy their vehicles later this fall!

What is the issue with Ocean Coast interior delivery?

Rivian has announced that Priority Delivery for those who have been waiting since December 2018 does not mean "Priority Delivery" and that Ocean Coast interior delivery will be delayed until later this fall.

How did customers find out about the delay?

Customers received an email from Rivian regarding the delay.

How long have customers been waiting for their Ocean Coast interiors?

Some customers have been waiting since December 2018, while others have placed preorders as recently as November 2018.

What should customers do if they are unhappy with the delay?

Customers can express their disappointment to their Rivian Guide, but it is not recommended to cancel orders due to a temporary problem.

Is Rivian doing anything differently than other manufacturers?

No, other manufacturers are also making changes to production and removing features in order to push production along.

Is Rivian being sued for poaching Tesla employees?

Yes, Rivian is currently being sued by Tesla for poaching employees.

Is Rivian doing anything to make up for the delay?

Yes, Rivian is offering customers a $1,000 credit towards accessories or service.

What other options do customers have if they don't want to wait?

Customers can choose to switch their order to a different model, such as the R1T or R1S, which are both available now.

Are there any other delays that customers should be aware of?

Yes, Rivian has also announced that the launch of its electric pickup truck and SUV will be delayed until 2021 due to production issues.