Making the Decision - Rivian Colors Comparison in The Sun - LA Silver, Limestone & Launch Green

Making the Decision - Rivian Colors Comparison in The Sun - LA Silver, Limestone & Launch Green
Don't sleep on the Forest Green and black ATs. To whoever ordered this thing, it's in Seattle as of yesterday and looks way too good. I may switch off blue. : r/Rivian

LA Silver, Limestone and Launch Green are the three colors available for Rivian. To help anyone still deciding which color to get, here is a comparison of how they look in the sun.

Launch Green stands out from other greens in the auto industry, making it hard to pass up on. However, some may be concerned that Limestone may not be worth its premium price tag. Glacier White is another option as it does not come off as a typical contractor truck/cheapest color white, but Launch Green remains the most attractive choice.

Black vehicles require more maintenance due to their tendency to show swirl marks and darken in shade. This can make cleaning and washing difficult if one has to dodge sunlight every time they want to wash the car. Therefore, lighter colors such as LA Silver, Limestone and Launch Green are preferable.

Ultimately, Launch Green is the preferred choice for many due to its unique military green hue that looks light and shiny when seen in the sun. It also helps that this color will not easily show scratches or dirt like black cars do, making it easier to maintain. Unfortunately, seeing this color in person is quite rare so it would be best to check out swatches of all the colors at Rivian Hubs before making a decision.

Limestone is a great choice for those who want something that stands out from the crowd. It has an off-white hue with hints of grey and beige, making it look more sophisticated than LA Silver or Launch Green. The downside to this color is its tendency to show dirt easily, so frequent cleaning may be necessary if one wants their car looking pristine all the time.

LA Silver looks like any other silver vehicle in the market but it does have some unique characteristics such as its metallic finish which gives it a glossy shine when seen in direct sunlight. This makes it stand out from other colors and can make your Rivian look quite luxurious without having to pay extra for Limestone's premium price tag.

In conclusion, each color offers different benefits depending on what you are looking for in your Rivian vehicle: Launch Green provides uniqueness while Limestone adds sophistication; LA Silver offers affordability yet still manages to give off a luxurious vibe due to its metallic finish when seen under direct sunlight. Ultimately, choosing between these three colors comes down personal preference and budget constraints so take some time before deciding which one best suits you!

How do the colors LA Silver, Limestone and Launch Green look next to each other in the sun?

They look great! The Launch Green is a unique color that stands out from the rest of the auto industry.

Is Launch Green too dark for off-roading?

It can be, as dark colors tend to show scratches more easily. However, it looks light and vibrant in the sunlight, so if you're able to keep it clean, it should be fine.

What are some alternatives to Launch Green?

Rivian Blue, Red Canyon, and Forest Green are all good alternatives. Glacier White is also an option if you want a lighter color.

Is Launch Green available for purchase?

Yes, it is currently available for purchase.

How can I see Launch Green and Limestone in person?

You can visit a Rivian Hub or attend events where R1T's are present to get a better idea of how these colors look in person.

What color would you recommend?

Ultimately, this decision comes down to personal preference. However, Launch Green is a unique color that stands out from the rest of the auto industry and may be worth considering.

Are there any other colors that look good with Launch Green?

Yes, there are a few. Glacier White and Rivian Blue both look great when paired with Launch Green. Red Canyon and Forest Green are also good options.

Is LA Silver available in all markets?

Yes, LA Silver is available in all markets.

Does Limestone require special care?

Not necessarily. Limestone is a durable color and can withstand most weather conditions without needing extra care. However, it's always best to keep your vehicle clean and waxed to ensure its longevity.