Keep Track of Your Rivian Delivery Progress with Rivian Delivery Tracker

Keep Track of Your Rivian Delivery Progress with Rivian Delivery Tracker
Rivian built 1,015 vehicles in 2021 and delivered 920 of them | Rivian Forum – Rivian R1T & R1S News, Pricing & Order...

Rivian Delivery Tracker is a great tool for Rivian reservation holders to track their delivery progress. The anonymous survey allows users to provide data points such as the state of delivery, model (R1T or R1S), VIN number and battery size. This can be used to generate regular updates on how many vehicles have been delivered. Furthermore, the forum provides an interesting way to monitor the highest serial numbers of R1Ts out there. For example, one user spotted #639 in FL today.

The conversation also reveals that over 70,000 orders have been made and around 912 units have been delivered so far. It was also mentioned that VIN #1187 appeared in a Munro/RJ video, suggesting it was one of the most recently finished units. With this information, Rivian reservation holders can get a better idea of when they may receive their vehicle.

Overall, Rivian Delivery Tracker is a useful resource for those awaiting delivery of their electric vehicle. It offers valuable insights into production and delivery progress, allowing users to keep up with the latest developments. The forum also provides an interesting way to connect with other Rivian reservation holders and share experiences.

The tracker is easy to use, requiring only a few clicks of the mouse. All you need to do is enter your VIN number or serial number in the search bar and hit “Go”. You will then be presented with all relevant information about your vehicle's delivery status, including estimated delivery date, current location and more. Additionally, users can post their own updates on the forum for others to see as well as comment on existing posts from other members of the community.

Rivian Delivery Tracker has been praised by many customers who have used it successfully in tracking their vehicles' progress towards them receiving it at home or work place locations across North America (USA & Canada). It has become one of those must-have tools for anyone waiting anxiously for their new electric vehicle!

What is the highest serial number (VIN) R1T out there?

The highest VIN number for an R1T spotted so far is 000639 in Florida.

What is the purpose of this survey?

This survey is intended to crowd source data points from those who have taken delivery of their Rivians, in order to gain insight into the progress of Rivian's production and delivery ramp.

What information does the survey ask for?

The survey asks for the state where delivery was taken, which model was received (R1T or R1S), the last 10 digits of the VIN, and what size battery pack was received (all Large for now).

How many Rivians have been ordered?

According to Rivian, over 70,000 have been ordered.

What is the latest VIN number seen in a video?

The latest VIN number seen in a video is #1187.

How many orders were placed in 2021?

In 2021, 1052 orders were placed.

How many Rivians have been delivered so far?

As of February 2022, approximately 912 Rivians had been delivered.

What is the latest delivery date seen?

The latest delivery date seen was February 10th, 2022.

How can I track my Rivian order?

You can track your Rivian order by using the Rivian Delivery Tracker. This tool allows you to enter your VIN number and view the progress of your order. You can also use the tracker to compare your order's progress to other orders in your area.