iX40 Suspension Experience: Comparing Firmness to Luxury EV Competitors & Rumored Updates

iX40 Suspension Experience: Comparing Firmness to Luxury EV Competitors & Rumored Updates
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Title: Exploring the iX40 Suspension and Upcoming Updates

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The Firm Suspension Experience

When considering purchasing an iX40, it's essential to take into account the suspension system. Many potential buyers have reported that they find the suspension to be quite firm, especially when compared to other vehicles like the Mercedes GLC. This firmness can result in feeling every bump on the road, which might not be ideal for some drivers.

The firm suspension setup of the iX40 is likely due to its electric vehicle (EV) nature. EVs often have firmer suspensions than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts because of the extra weight from the batteries. While this may lead to a less comfortable ride on uneven city streets, there are benefits as well. A firmer suspension means that the car feels more planted on the road, providing better stability during swift progress or last-minute turns.

For those who prefer a softer ride, it's worth test driving an iX model with air suspension fitted. This should provide a closer experience to what you would get with a Mercedes GLC. Additionally, consider looking at other electric models from Mercedes-Benz such as EQC, EQE, or EQS.

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High-Speed Performance and Comparisons

Despite its firm suspension setup, many iX40 owners report that high-speed rides are smooth and enjoyable. The vehicle performs exceptionally well on highways and open roads, where its stability becomes even more apparent. However, low-speed rides on uneven urban surfaces can still feel unsettled due to the firmness of the suspension.

It's important to remember that different reviewers and drivers will have varying preferences when it comes to suspension systems. Some may appreciate a firmer ride while others prefer something more cushioned. Therefore, it's crucial to test drive multiple vehicles and read various reviews before making a decision.

Comparing the iX40 to other luxury EVs like the Mercedes C-Class with air suspension reveals differences in ride quality. While the C-Class offers a smoother ride over bumps, it tends to feel floatier overall. Ultimately, choosing between these two types of vehicles will come down to personal preference and priorities.

BMW iX electric SUV (2022) review: hot M60 version tested | CAR Magazine

Potential Over-the-Air Update Rumors

In addition to concerns about the iX40's suspension system, potential buyers may also be interested in upcoming updates for the vehicle. There have been rumors circulating about an over-the-air (OTA) update coming soon for iDrive 8.5; however, no official confirmation has been made by BMW at this time.

Some sources suggest that all iX models produced before July 2023 will not receive this update due to having older versions of head units installed. It's important to keep in mind that these claims are based on speculation rather than concrete information from BMW.

As with any rumor or unconfirmed news, it's best to approach this information cautiously until further details become available. In the meantime, prospective buyers should focus on evaluating whether the current features and performance of the iX40 meet their needs and preferences without relying too heavily on potential future updates.


The iX40 offers a unique blend of performance and luxury but comes with a notably firm suspension system that may not suit everyone's taste. Test driving multiple models and comparing them against competitors like Mercedes-Benz EQC/EQE/EQS is essential before making a final decision. As for rumored OTA updates, it's wise to remain cautious until official announcements are made by BMW themselves.