Invest in Windshield Wiper Safety with Smart Automotive Features & Deals on Blades!

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Windshield wipers are an important safety feature for drivers, as they help to clear away rain, snow and other debris from the windshield. Many states have laws that require headlights to be turned on when the wipers are running continuously.

Recently, there has been a conversation about Tesla needing to disable their automatic window closing feature in upcoming software updates due to NHTSA regulations. This is because some people may not realize that the windows can close automatically and could get stuck inside the car.

It would also be nice if cars had a way of alerting you if it starts raining while your car is parked and the windows are open or vented.

Windshield wiper blades can be expensive, so it's worth looking out for deals at places like Costco where you can find Michelin hybrids for around $6.99 when on sale. RainX wiper fluid is also highly recommended. Some vehicles come with strainers/screens in the inlets of the wiper fluid fill, but this isn't always standard, so it might be worth investing in one yourself.

Finally, although main lights may not turn on when the wipers are running, daytime running lights should still be activated which serves a similar purpose.It's also important to check the wiper blades regularly for wear and tear, as they can become brittle over time.

It would be great if cars had a feature that could detect when it was raining or snowing outside and automatically turn on the wipers. This would save drivers from having to manually switch them on each time it rains or snows, which is especially useful in areas with frequent rain showers.

Another helpful feature would be an indicator light that shows when the windshield wipers are running continuously due to heavy rainfall or snowfall. This way you know your car is safe even if you're not inside of it at all times.

A third suggestion might be a sensor system that detects how much water has accumulated on the windshield before activating the wipers so they don't start too late after heavy downpours have already occurred. It could also help reduce noise pollution by only turning them off once there's no more moisture left on your window glass surface area - this way you won't hear any unnecessary swishing sounds while driving around town!  

Finally, some vehicles come equipped with heated wiper blades which helps keep ice and snow away during winter months; however, these tend to cost extra money so perhaps manufacturers should consider making this standard equipment in their models instead of charging customers extra for something like this?

Overall, modern technology has made many aspects of our lives easier but there are still plenty of opportunities out there for automakers to make improvements in terms of safety features such as those related to windshield wipers!

Do the headlights come on when the windshield wipers are running?

Most states have a requirement for this, but it is not always enforced.

Will my car ping my phone to tell me if it’s raining?

Tesla may have to disable the automatic closing of windows in an upcoming software update due to NHTSA regulations.

Is there any indication that my headlights will come on when the wipers are running?

No, there is no indication that this will happen.

Are OEM Tesla wipers expensive?

Yes, they are around $50 a pair. However, you can find similar sizes at Costco for around $6.99 when on sale.

What is the benefit of using RainX wiper fluid?

RainX wiper fluid helps improve visibility by repelling water and reducing streaking.

Is there a need for a filter screen for wiper fluid fill?

Yes, contaminants such as leaves or dirt can land in the inlet as you pour the fluid in, so filtering is not a wasted effort.

Should the daytime running lights be on while driving?

Yes, the daytime running lights should be on while driving, performing an equivalent safety function.

Is there a feature that will automatically turn on the headlights when it gets dark?

Yes, many cars have an automatic headlight feature that turns on the headlights when it gets dark.

Are there any features that will remind me to check my windshield wipers?

Yes, some cars have a reminder system that will alert you when it is time to check your windshield wipers.

Is there a way to make my windshield wipers last longer?

Yes, you can extend the life of your windshield wipers by regularly cleaning them with a soft cloth and using a wiper fluid that is designed for winter conditions.