How to Preserve Your Tesla's Battery Charge While Parking Long-Term

How to Preserve Your Tesla's Battery Charge While Parking Long-Term
What to do with your Tesla when going on vacation or storing it for longer periods of time

Title: Babysitter Needed - How to Preserve Your Tesla's Charge While You're Away

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Subtitle: Preparing Your Tesla for Long-Term Parking

When you have to leave your Tesla parked and unused for an extended period, such as during a long vacation or business trip, it's crucial to take the necessary steps to preserve its battery charge. The following tips will help ensure that your Tesla has enough juice left when you return:

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1. Turn off Cabin Overheat Protection and Sentry Mode

These features can drain your battery significantly if left on while you're away. Cabin Overheat Protection keeps the interior temperature below a certain threshold, while Sentry Mode records potential threats around your vehicle. Both are useful in everyday situations but unnecessary for long-term parking.

2. Unplug all devices from accessory and USB ports

Leaving devices plugged into your car's accessory and USB ports can also contribute to battery drain. Make sure to unplug any gadgets, including phone chargers and dash cams, before leaving your car parked for an extended period.

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3. Disable third-party apps like Tezlab or TeslaFi

Some apps continuously ping your vehicle for data, which can cause additional power consumption. Be sure to deactivate these apps before heading out of town.

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4. Park out of direct sunlight

Parking in a shaded area or garage will help keep your car cooler and reduce the need for Cabin Overheat Protection, further preserving your battery life.

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5. Monitor your car using the Tesla app

While you're away, use the Tesla app to check on your vehicle's status periodically. This way, you can keep tabs on its battery level and make arrangements if needed.

With these precautions in place, most Tesla owners report minimal daily battery loss—often less than 1% per day—which should provide ample margin for even longer trips.

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Subtitle: Real-Life Experiences with Long-Term Parking

Many Tesla owners have shared their experiences with leaving their vehicles parked for extended periods. One owner reported a loss of just 0.5% per day over an eight-day trip, with the car charging only once during that time to maintain a 50% charge level. This was despite being on an older software version and having limited access to Wi-Fi.

Another Tesla driver went on a two-week vacation and left their Model 3 parked at the airport in direct sunlight. By turning off Cabin Overheat Protection, Sentry Mode, and disabling all apps, they experienced a battery drain of approximately 1% per day. Upon returning from their trip, they still had plenty of power left to make it to a Supercharger station before continuing their journey home.

In one instance, a Tesla owner lost about 25% of their charge over two weeks while away on vacation. However, this occurred before the introduction of Sentry Mode, which is known to consume more power when active.

These real-life examples demonstrate that by following the tips outlined in this article, you can confidently leave your Tesla parked for extended periods without worrying about significant battery drain. Just remember to plan ahead and take the necessary precautions before heading out on your next adventure!