How to Handle Intermittent Heat Issues on a Tesla Without Breaking the Bank

How to Handle Intermittent Heat Issues on a Tesla Without Breaking the Bank
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Intermittent Heat is a common issue with Tesla cars, particularly those released in 2018. Many owners have reported experiencing this problem, which can be caused by faulty firmware or other issues. The good news is that Tesla service provides an estimated quote for repair work, even if it turns out to be free.

Tesla owners often experience Intermittent Heat problems due to the most recent software update. This can cause climate failure and prevent the car from heating up properly. In some cases, the issue may require expensive repairs such as a high voltage check or air-conditioning service. However, Tesla has been known to revise their estimates and waive labor costs when necessary.

One owner recently experienced Intermittent Heat and opened a service request with Tesla. Initially they were quoted $830 CAD but eventually the estimate was revised to $1050 after further diagnosis. Fortunately, Tesla comped the labor cost without being asked, similar to how they did with two control arm replacements previously.

Overall, it's important for all Tesla owners to be aware of potential Intermittent Heat issues and keep an eye on their car’s performance. If you are having any trouble with your vehicle, make sure to contact Tesla Service right away so they can provide an accurate assessment of the situation and help you get back on the road safely and quickly.In addition to contacting Tesla Service, there are a few other steps you can take to help prevent Intermittent Heat. Make sure your car is up-to-date with the latest software and firmware updates. Also, check for any loose connections or wiring issues that could be causing the problem. Finally, keep an eye on your battery levels as low voltage can cause climate control failure in some cases.

Overall, Intermittent Heat is a common issue among Tesla owners but it doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming if handled properly from the start. Contacting Tesla Service right away will ensure that they provide an accurate assessment of the situation and get you back on track quickly and safely without breaking the bank!

How long has it been since the poster last posted?

It has been a long time since the poster last posted.

What kind of car does the poster own?

The poster owns a 2018 car with 75,000KM.

What issues is the poster having with their car?

The poster is having issues with the heat intermittently working for the past 2-3 weeks. The car seemed to have been stuck downloading the most recent software update and on rebooting it did install a new FW but the issue persists.

What did Tesla do when the poster opened a service request?

When the poster opened a service request, Tesla wanted $830CAD for a high voltage check and an air-conditioning service.

What did Ed suggest?

Ed suggested that Tesla will get the poster back to 100% with little or no charge.

What did Tesla revise the estimate to?

Tesla revised the estimate to $0.00 and said they'd send it off for remote diagnosis, then later revised it to $1050 for replacing the main heater.

Did Tesla comp labour costs?

Yes, Tesla comped labour costs without even being asked after two control arm replacements.

What did the poster do to resolve the issue?

The poster took their car to a local shop and had them diagnose the issue. They found that the main heater was not working properly and replaced it for $400, resolving the issue.

Did Tesla reimburse the poster?

Yes, Tesla reimbursed the poster for the cost of the repair after they provided proof of payment.