How to Fix Walk Away Lock Malfunctions at Home: Tips and Tricks from Other Users

How to Fix Walk Away Lock Malfunctions at Home: Tips and Tricks from Other Users
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The Problem with Walk Away Lock at Home

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a homeowner is when their walk away lock system malfunctions. This was the case for one individual who posted on an online forum asking if anyone else had experienced this issue. According to the post, the walk away lock system had been working perfectly for two years until it suddenly started locking even when the user was at home.

The user tried several solutions including unchecking and rechecking the exclude home option, turning off and on the walk away lock feature, as well as removing and re-entering their home address. Despite these efforts, the problem persisted. The user then scheduled a service appointment but was quoted $92.00.

Possible Solutions from Other Users

Fortunately, other users were quick to respond with possible solutions based on their own experiences. One person shared that they had encountered a similar problem after an update, but everything corrected itself after another update four days later. They suggested waiting for an update before scheduling a service call.

Another user recommended disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and reconnecting them again. They also mentioned having to disable "Walk away lock at home" three times on the big screen before it worked properly. A third user shared that they had experienced sentry mode coming on in their garage despite having it disabled for home. They discovered that one of their driver profiles did not have the correct home address set up.

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Resolving the Issue

After trying some of the suggestions provided by other users, the original poster found that their wife's profile had not been set up correctly. Although fixing this did not solve the problem, they noticed that sentry mode was not checked for exclude home in their own profile, which did solve the problem.

They also disconnected and reconnected both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but only disconnecting Wi-Fi seemed to have made a difference. However, during the connection process, the screen got stuck on a loop and would not reconnect. After canceling and starting over twice, they finally noticed that even though the screen was stuck, the Wi-Fi icon was present in the top right corner. They backed out to the home screen and exited the car before reentering it again. This time, Wi-Fi was back to normal.

In conclusion, dealing with a malfunctioning walk away lock system can be frustrating, but there are several solutions available. Waiting for an update or checking driver profiles are simple ways to resolve issues without spending money on service calls. Disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi may also help, although it may take a few tries before seeing results. It's important to note that each step taken may be necessary to solve problems fully.