Give Weatherford BMW (and Other Dealers) a Shout Out for Creating A Better Customer Experience | Software Updates & Recalls

Give Weatherford BMW (and Other Dealers) a Shout Out for Creating A Better Customer Experience | Software Updates & Recalls
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Weatherford BMW is a dealership that has been receiving some negative attention recently. Customers have reported being asked to reschedule their high voltage recall appointment at the last minute, and then when they do arrive for service, they are met with an online tool that is down and a demand for a credit card in case of "incidentals".

The manager was reportedly unhelpful and grumpy while explaining the policy, which includes a $250 deductible gap that customers must pay out-of-pocket if anything happens to the loaner car. This experience stands in stark contrast to Tesla's approach, where recalls can be handled quickly over-the-air or with a technician sent to your home.

It's not just Tesla that gets software recalls though - Apple iPhones receive about 20 each year, despite their reputation for great software. So why does Tesla seem to have so many software recalls? Certainly it seems like incompetence on their part, as evidenced by their failed Full Self Driving (FSD) feature.

Unfortunately, Weatherford BMW doesn't appear to be any better. After one customer pointed out that he had arrived for his appointment but wasn't seen due to a lack of parts, he received no response from the dealership. It appears that there is a serious level of incompetence here, making this dealership an embarrassment.It's time for dealerships to step up their game and provide a better customer experience. They should be more proactive in communicating with customers about recalls, providing clear instructions on how to handle them, and offering loaner cars if necessary. Dealerships should also make sure that they have the parts needed for repairs so that customers don't have to wait unnecessarily long periods of time.

Dealerships need to understand that software updates are an important part of keeping vehicles running smoothly and safely - not just something they can ignore or put off until later. Customers deserve better than being treated like second-class citizens when it comes to recalls, especially since these issues could potentially lead to serious safety concerns down the line if left unaddressed.

Finally, dealerships must remember that customer service is key - no matter what type of product or service you're selling! A friendly attitude goes a long way towards making people feel welcome at your dealership; after all, happy customers will come back again and again! So let's give Weatherford BMW (and other dealers) a shout out for doing their best despite difficult circumstances - we appreciate you!

What happened when I went to Weatherford BMW for a high voltage recall appointment?

After being asked to reschedule my appointment by a week, I waited to be seen by a service tech. The online tool was down for checking my key details for the recall. The loaner car guy asked for my license, insurance and credit card, which was policy in case the car was scratched. There was a gap of $250 deductible for my cover that my card needed to be on file for.

How does Tesla handle recalls?

Tesla handles every recall in minutes OTA and/or will send a tech to your home. It is known for its best service of any brand.

What does it say about the state of Tesla's software if most of its recalls are for software?

Despite being known for its software, Tesla has the largest number of software recalls in the vehicle industry. This may indicate incompetence.

How often does Apple have recalls?

Apple has at least 20 recalls every single year.

What happened later that night after I went to Weatherford BMW?

I received a text message from someone at the dealership saying that I didn't turn up and I would have to reschedule my appointment. I politely pointed out that I did turn up and that the original recall message was not acted on. The further recall they mentioned (airbags) they didn't even have parts for anyway.