Get the Most Out of Your Rivian Vehicle – Which Wheel Size is Right for You?

Get the Most Out of Your Rivian Vehicle – Which Wheel Size is Right for You?
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Autonomous Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry, and Rivian has incorporated it into their vehicles. AI helps to adjust for road speed, turning, and suspension, allowing for a smoother ride with better control. It can also help you choose the best wheel size for your vehicle; based on factors such as tire tread, overall design & materials, shape, weight, diameter, and aerodynamics.

When considering wheel sizes for the R1T, 20" rims are the smallest that will fit over the brakes. This size offers an all-terrain tire of 275/65 R20. The 21" option provides an all season tire of 275/55 R21, while 22" rims feature a sport all season tire of 275/50 R22. All three sizes offer different levels of range efficiency, stopping needs and capabilities, and off road ability.

It's important to remember that choosing the right wheel size isn't just about aesthetics; it's also about performance. Choosing a wheel size that is too small may cause issues with computer compensation for road speed, turning and suspension. Additionally, wheels that are not rated for the weight of the vehicle could be dangerous. To ensure maximum safety and efficiency, consider the parameters of both the wheels and tires when making your decision.

For those looking for a more aggressive look, there are several aftermarket options available. The 22" rims offer the most variety in terms of design and color, with many companies offering custom designs to match your vehicle's style. Additionally, some companies specialize in off-road wheels that can provide extra grip on rough terrain or mud.

If you're looking for something even bigger than 22", there are 24" and 26" wheel sizes available from select manufacturers as well. These larger sizes require special tires due to their size; however they do offer an impressive look when paired with the right tire choice. Keep in mind that these larger wheel sizes may not be compatible with all vehicles; so it is important to check compatibility before purchasing any new wheels or tires for your R1T truck!

Finally, if you want a truly unique look without sacrificing performance or safety then consider adding spacers between the hub and rim of your existing wheelset - this will give them an extra inch of width while still allowing them to fit safely onto your vehicle's axles & brakes system! Spacers come in various thicknesses depending on how much additional clearance you need; just make sure they meet Rivian’s specifications before installing them onto your R1T truck!

Do you think that using narrower tires (40mm (275-235)) will cause any issues?

Yes, the proposed P235/65R18 has a diameter of only 30 inches, which is around 10% different from the smallest wheel size of 20" in order to accommodate the front brakes. This could cause issues with fitment, weight rating, and scrub radius.

Do you think the computer can compensate for road speed, turning and suspension?

The computer may be able to adjust for road speed and turning, but it is not designed to compensate for suspension.

What other size tires should I consider?

From the Pirelli and Rivian press releases about the custom tires, the following sizes are available: 20” Rim – All Terrain Tires – 275/65 R20; 21” Rim – All Season Tires – 275/55 R21; 22” Rim – Sport All Season Tires – 275/50 R22. However, 22” rims are not recommended as they are less efficient than smaller sizes.

What is the bolt pattern for Rivian wheels?

Rivian uses 5x5.5 bolt pattern, not 6.

What wheel size should I get for highway and city driving with occasional back country use?

For best performance, get the smallest rim that will fit over the brakes - 20”. This will provide the best balance of performance, efficiency, and comfort. For occasional back country use, you may want to consider a larger rim size such as 21” or 22” for improved off-road capability.

Are there any other wheel sizes available?

Yes, Rivian offers a range of wheel sizes from 17” to 22”. However, the smallest size that will fit over the brakes is 20”.

What type of tires should I get for highway and city driving?

For highway and city driving, you should consider all-season tires. These tires provide good traction in wet and dry conditions, as well as good handling and comfort.

What type of tires should I get for off-road use?

For off-road use, you should consider all-terrain tires. These tires provide excellent traction on dirt, mud, and rocks, as well as good handling and comfort.

Are there any other tire options available?

Yes, Rivian also offers sport all-season tires which are designed for improved performance on dry roads. They provide better grip and cornering ability than all-season tires but may not be suitable for wet or icy conditions.