Get Superior Interior Screen Protection for Your Rivian R1T or R1S with AI | Get a Discount with Our Special Code!

Get Superior Interior Screen Protection for Your Rivian R1T or R1S with AI | Get a Discount with Our Special Code!
3Pcs HD Tempered Matte Glass Screen Protector Set For Rivian R1S 2022-2023 | PimpMyEV

Automotive Interior (AI) is proud to offer the highest quality interior screen protection for Rivian R1T and R1S. Our products are designed with 3D scanning technology, ensuring a perfect fit for your screens. We use specific films that are designed specifically for automotive interiors, giving you an HD look and reducing fingerprints. We also have anti-glare films that help reduce glare and smooth out the feel of your screens. With our special code, you can get a discount when you purchase these products.

Our product is higher priced than most on the market but this is because we strive to provide better quality and accuracy than any other competitors. We don’t simply repurpose PPF film or tempered glass – we work with manufacturers to design a custom film just for automotive interiors.

If you want to try out our interior screen protection yourself, be sure to use our special code at checkout to get a discount. You can also follow us on Instagram @ for more pictures and videos of how our product looks in action. And don't forget to tag us in your Before/After pictures and videos!

We believe that AI's interior screen protection will give you the best results possible and make your vehicle stand out from the rest. So if you're looking for superior protection for your Rivian R1T or R1S, then check out AI's interior screen protection today!

Our product is easy to install and comes with detailed instructions. We also provide a lifetime warranty on our products, so you can be sure that your interior screen protection will last for years to come. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $50!

At AI, we are committed to providing the best quality interior screen protection available. Our team of experts has worked hard to develop a product that offers superior performance and durability while still being affordable. So if you're looking for an effective way to protect your Rivian R1T or R1S screens from scratches and fingerprints, then look no further than AI's interior screen protection!

What is the code for a discount?

Use code for a discount.

Are there any close up photos of the fitment?

We only have some video snippets from when we were designing/test fitting them, but we use 3D scanning technology to ensure all of our patterns are the perfect fit. Follow us on Instagram @ and we will be sure to post some more fitment pictures!

Why are your screen protectors so expensive?

Our product will be better quality and more accurate than any of our competitors. We also don't simply repurpose PPF film - we work with the manufacturer to design this film specifically for automotive interiors. Our HD film will give your screens a brighter HD look and reduce those annoying fingerprints! Our Anti-Glare film will help reduce glare, give your screen a smooth feel, and also reduce fingerprints!

Is there a tempered glass option available?

Here is what a local company here in Utah did for the screens with a satin screen protector. Their company is Logicc Protection Studio. These ones are real tempered glass and are only $49.99 for all three screens.

Do any of these protections offer anti-glare options?

We have the Matte finish films from which is perfect for antiglare! I have found these screen protectors to work really well and do a great job at keeping the glare down. They also come with a lifetime warranty so you can be sure that your screens will stay protected.