Get Ready For FSD Beta V11: Improved Lane Keeping, Navigation and Speed Control | Tesla Autopilot

Get Ready For FSD Beta V11: Improved Lane Keeping, Navigation and Speed Control | Tesla Autopilot
Tesla FSD Beta V11 rollout confirmed by Elon Musk

FSD Beta V11 has arrived, and Tesla is finally moving to a single stack for city and highway driving. This version of the software update began rolling out at 11:11pm PST on Friday night, and the release notes confirm that FSD Beta V11 is on the most recent 2022.40 branch of software update. It is expected to be released to employees first, and then to members of the FSD Beta program if no significant bugs are found.

The new version promises advanced features such as Super Duper Summon, but it remains to be seen how Tesla will handle the financial accounting side of things. There is reportedly $2.5B in reserves for FSD feature revenue recognition, which could potentially be released depending on how much usable functionality they can offer. It is likely that Tesla will want to get it right rather than ask for forgiveness later, so we may have to wait until 2021 to see the full potential of FSD Beta V11.

The release notes also confirm that the new version of FSD Beta will include a number of improvements to Autopilot, including improved lane keeping, better navigation, and more accurate speed control. Additionally, there are reports that the new version will feature a new "Navigate on Autopilot" feature which will allow drivers to set their destination and have the car take them there autonomously. This could be a game changer for long distance trips and would make Tesla's cars even more competitive with other autonomous vehicles.

In addition to the new features, FSD Beta V11 includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. The release notes mention that the update should improve overall system stability and reduce false positives from the Autopilot system. Additionally, the update should improve the accuracy of the Autopilot system when it comes to detecting objects in its path.

Finally, FSD Beta V11 is expected to bring improved safety features such as automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring. These features are designed to help keep drivers safe by alerting them to potential hazards before they become an issue. It is unclear at this time how effective these features will be, but it is likely that they will be a welcome addition for those who are looking for extra peace of mind while driving.

Overall, FSD Beta V11 looks like an exciting update for Tesla owners and those interested in autonomous driving technology. With improved lane keeping, navigation, speed control, and safety features, this update should make Tesla's cars even more competitive with other autonomous vehicles on the market. We look forward to seeing what else Tesla has in store for us with future updates!

What is FSD Beta V11?

FSD Beta V11 is the latest version of Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software. It is a significant update as it moves to a single stack, where both city and highway driving are using the FSD Beta neural nets to drive.

When did the rollout of FSD Beta V11 start?

The rollout began at 11:11pm PST on Friday night.

Who will receive the rollout first?

Generally, Tesla will roll out the update to employees first and then if no significant bugs are found, it will be deployed to members of the FSD Beta program.

When will the broader rollout start?

According to Tesla's Q3 2022 earnings call, they expect a wide release of FSD Beta in North America about a month from now. Anyone who has ordered Full Self Driving will have access to the FSD Beta program this year.

Will Tesla consider FSD as fully "released" at this point?

Yes, anyone who pays for FSD will have access to the program this year. However, users are still required to maintain attention and responsibility while using the system.

Will FSD Beta V11 include Super Advanced Super Duper Summon?

No, Super Advanced Super Duper Summon will not be released even as a beta. Tesla has stated that they are still working on the feature and it will be released when it is ready.

What other features are included in FSD Beta V11?

FSD Beta V11 includes a number of new features, including Autopark, Autosteer+, Navigate on Autopilot, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, and Auto Lane Change. It also includes improved performance for Autopilot, better lane recognition, and improved object detection.

Are there any safety considerations with FSD Beta V11?

Yes, as with all versions of Tesla's FSD Beta software, users must maintain attention and responsibility while using the system. Additionally, Tesla recommends that drivers keep their hands on the wheel at all times and be prepared to take over control if needed.