Fix Battery Drain on Your Tesla Model Y LR: Solutions to Help You Out

Fix Battery Drain on Your Tesla Model Y LR: Solutions to Help You Out
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Tesla’s Autopilot and Summon features are designed to make driving easier and more convenient. However, when these features are not used properly, they can cause battery drain when the car is parked. This is especially true for Tesla Model Y LR owners who have recently purchased their vehicle.

When a Tesla Model Y LR is parked, the Energy App can be used to identify the source of the battery drain. Under “Park” in the Energy App, the only area with any usage should be “Vehicle Standby”. If this reports +9% or more for an overnight stay, then it is likely that something is causing the battery drain.

One possible cause of battery drain when parked is Sentry Mode. Even if Sentry Mode is set to exclude home and the home address is set correctly, it is still possible that the vehicle does not recognize it is at home and Sentry Mode remains active. To confirm this, Sentry Mode should be deactivated completely. It may also be worth rebooting the car to ensure there are no rogue processes running that could be causing the issue.

Another potential cause of battery drain when parked is cold temperatures outside. The battery will try to condition itself when it gets too cold, which can add to battery drain but usually not by much (around 5% overnight).

Finally, some users have reported that setting their home as a Favorite and setting Sentry Mode to exclude Favorites has solved their problem. This suggests that Sentry exclusions can sometimes be flaky and it may be worth trying this solution if all else fails.

In conclusion, battery drain when parked can be a frustrating issue for Tesla Model Y LR owners. However, by using the Energy App to identify the source of the drain and then trying some of the solutions outlined above, it should be possible to resolve the issue.

Why is my Tesla's battery draining when parked?

There are several potential causes for this issue, including Sentry mode being set to exclude home, cabin overheat protection, and checking the app with frequency. It may also be worth rebooting the car to make sure there's not a rogue process running that's causing the issue.

What should I do if Sentry mode is on but set to exclude home?

Try turning Sentry off completely and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn't, try setting your home as a Favorite and setting Sentry to exclude Favorites.

Is Sentry mode a requirement?

No, it's not the only alarm system in the car. Many people don't turn it on at all. However, if you're having battery drain issues, it's worth checking to make sure it's not the cause.

What is cabin overheat protection?

Cabin overheat protection is a feature that kicks in when the car is parked and the temperature inside the cabin rises above a certain level. It will draw power from the battery to keep the cabin cool. If this is happening too often, it could be causing your battery to drain.

How can I check my app with frequency?

You can set up notifications on your Tesla app so that you receive alerts when your car's battery is running low. This way, you can take action before the battery drains completely. You can also check the app periodically to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Is rebooting my car necessary?

Rebooting your car may help resolve any software issues that could be causing the battery drain. It's a good idea to reboot your car every few months anyway, so it's worth trying this as a potential solution.