Finally My Rivian Has Arrived - Big Kahuna's Delivery Experience

Finally My Rivian Has Arrived - Big Kahuna's Delivery Experience
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Finally, after a long wait, the Rivian has arrived! On Friday 13th May, my Compass Yellow was delivered with 12 miles on the odometer. Originally I had ordered Canyon Red with Ocean Coast interior but due to some issues that were out of our control, I decided to settle for one of the several color choices given to me by my guide.

I am sure many people can relate to waiting more than a year for their order to be fulfilled. But now that it is here, I couldn't be happier! At the First Drive event, they only had a few colors available but they did have a display of parts in each possible color. The yellow looks great and I'm sure it will make an impression wherever I go.

My interior choice ended up being LA Silver with FE interior which is scheduled for delivery at the end of this month. However, there are a few things I found out about the delivery process. Firstly, no Rivian charger will be delivered with the truck; it ships 1-2 weeks after taking delivery. Secondly, accessories will also be shipped after delivery usually 1-2 days later. Lastly, if you didn't get a LE truck then there is no ‘magic band’ for you; it will be sold on the Gear Store at a later date. Delivery and walk around can take over an hour or longer depending on your needs.

Big Kahuna has recently taken delivery of his Glacier White with Green Interior and he got his charger 2 days after confirming his SD silver with his guide. He also mentioned that his RT1 is currently on a train from Normal and should reach San Diego in 10 days.

For those who are still waiting for their Rivian, hang in there! It's worth the wait as you'll soon find out once yours arrives!

What color and interior did the customer get for their Rivian?

The customer got a Compass Yellow exterior with LA Silver and FE interior.

When was the customer's order placed?

The customer's order was placed on November 29th, 2018.

What happened to the Canyon Red with Ocean Coast originally ordered?

The interior of the Canyon Red with Ocean Coast was no longer available, so the customer had to choose from several other color choices.

How long did it take for the customer to receive their Rivian?

The customer received their Rivian on Friday May 13th, after ordering in November 2018.

What temperature does the customer live in?

The customer lives in a place where temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (99 degrees today).

What colors is another customer getting for their Rivian?

Another customer is getting Glacier White with Green interior for their Rivian.

What did the customer find out about accessories and chargers?

The customer found out that no Rivian charger will be delivered with the truck, and accessories will be shipped after delivery usually 1-2 days after. If they didn't get a LE truck, there is no "magic band" for them either.

Did another customer take delivery of their Rivian yet?

Another customer has been assigned a VIN and was informed on 7/6 that they had a guide for their El Capitan granite/ Black interior. They were told it would be about two weeks, by the end of the month at the latest, for inspection and delivery but it has now been over a month and they haven't heard anything yet.