Experiencing an Issue With Rivian? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Experiencing an Issue With Rivian? Here’s What You Need to Know!
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Rivian is a new player in the electric vehicle (EV) market, and their products have been met with enthusiasm from many customers. The Rivian R1T pickup truck has been praised for its innovative features, such as car wash mode, but one customer recently experienced an issue that left them stranded.

The customer had driven around their farm all day without any issues, but when they returned to their truck at 6:45 pm it would not start. After trying various methods of getting the truck to work, including software and vehicle resets, they contacted Rivian service who were quick to respond and eager to help.

It turns out that the problem was caused by placing the key fob on the wireless charger. While this wasn't mentioned during delivery, other customers have reported being told explicitly not to do this. It appears that if the 12V system gets too low, it can cause errors and prevent the truck from starting.

Fortunately, Rivian's roadside assistance was able to pick up the truck within 30 seconds and take it away for repairs. In the meantime, the customer is making use of their other vehicles while waiting for a resolution.

Overall, it seems that although there may be some teething problems associated with owning a brand new EV, Rivian are providing good customer service and working hard to resolve any issues quickly. As more information comes to light about this incident we will update our blog accordingly.

In the meantime, it's worth noting that Rivian are offering a complimentary service package for all new customers. This includes roadside assistance and free software updates to ensure your vehicle is running optimally.

It's also important to remember that electric vehicles require regular maintenance just like any other car or truck. Make sure you check your battery levels regularly and keep an eye out for any warning signs of trouble so you can get help quickly if needed.

Finally, we'd like to thank our customer who experienced this issue for their patience while waiting on a resolution from Rivian - we're glad they were able to get back up and running again soon!

What happened to the truck?

The truck stopped working after being driven around the farm and parked at 3:45. It wouldn't go into reverse or park, and almost every light on the dash was on. Rivian service was contacted and they are currently looking into it.

What did the owner do before contacting Rivian service?

The owner attempted a software reset and a vehicle reset, but neither worked.

Was the owner told not to place the keys near the wireless charger?

Yes, the owner was specifically told by a Rivian employee not to ever place the keys near the wireless charger.

Did the guide mention this when delivering the truck?

No, the guide who delivered the truck only mentioned to put the key in the slot in front of the pad.

Could 12v degradation be causing these issues?

12v degradation can cause some of these odd behaviors, however it is highly unlikely that this is playing a role right now as Rivians are brand new. It may not hurt to connect 12v to the jumper in rear by hitch and see.

Is there a connection between running lights, tonneau, suspension, windows, dust, wetness and mud with this issue?

There may be a connection between running lights, tonneau, suspension, windows, dust, wetness and mud with this issue as these activities were done frequently on the farm. It is best to contact Rivian service and have them take a look.

Is there anything else the owner can do?

The owner can check the fuses, relays, and wiring harnesses for any signs of damage or corrosion. If any are found, they should be replaced immediately. Additionally, the owner can check the battery terminals and connections to make sure everything is secure.

What is the estimated cost of repair?

The estimated cost of repair is currently unknown. Rivian service will need to assess the situation and provide an estimate.

Is there a warranty on the truck?

Yes, the truck comes with a 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty. This covers most repairs and replacements due to defects in materials or workmanship.