Experienced an 8 Step Delivery Timeline Increase By Making Configuration Changes to My Rivian - Atlanta Georgia

Experienced an 8 Step Delivery Timeline Increase By Making Configuration Changes to My Rivian - Atlanta Georgia
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Making a few changes to my configuration has resulted in me moving up 8 steps in the delivery timeline. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and have been driving a Nissan Leaf since 2014. It was time for an upgrade so I put down a $100 deposit for a Ford F150 Lightning last fall. Then, in December 2021, I put down a deposit on a Rivian with the BlueForest Edge Adventure Package Max Pack, 20" AT Dark Wheels, Powered Tonneau Cover, Full Size Spare Tire, Cargo Crossbars, and Rooftop Bike Mounts.

Realizing that this build probably wouldn't come till 2024 if not later, I decided to switch my build to a Large Pack and the 21" Road Wheels in June 2022. After reading all the stories about people getting bumped up in line by making changes to their configs, I removed the kitchen, tent, and max pack in June of 2021. My delivery is tomorrow.

I've also heard stories from others who had similar configurations as mine but were able to get bumped up in line by removing the underbody shield or spare tire. So I decided to delete my spare tire as well and see if it would make any difference. Sure enough, after talking to my guide this evening they said that my vehicle had already been produced and was going through quality checks at the factory before heading to the Atlanta Service Center soon.

It's clear that making changes to your config can result in you being moved up in the delivery timeline. However, it's important to consider what options are most important to you when deciding which ones to remove or keep. For example, while I could let go of the tonneau cover and spare tire, I'm sticking with the 20" AT tires because that's what I really want.

What changes did the person make that resulted in their vehicle being delivered sooner?

The person removed the full size spare tire, switched from a Max Pack to a Large Pack, and changed from 21" wheels to 20" AT tires.

Are there any other factors that could contribute to getting a vehicle sooner?

Removing optional features such as the kitchen, tent, and max pack may also help to get a vehicle sooner. Additionally, some batches seem to trend toward certain wheel sizes; for example, earlier batches tend to have 20” AT tires while more recent batches have 21” wheels.

Is it necessary to remove the underbody shield to get a vehicle sooner?

No, removing the underbody shield is not necessary. However, it may help to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, which could result in a faster delivery time.

Is there anything else I can do to get my vehicle sooner?

Yes! You can try to contact your local dealership and see if they have any vehicles available for immediate delivery. Additionally, you can check online forums and social media groups to see if anyone is selling their vehicle or has an extra one that they are willing to part with.