Experience the Revolution of Electric Vehicle Technology with Rivian Motors Inc. Now!

Experience the Revolution of Electric Vehicle Technology with Rivian Motors Inc. Now!
2022 Rivian R1T First Drive Review: The Electric Pickup Revolution Is Real, and It's Here

Rivian has been a source of excitement for many electric vehicle enthusiasts since 2018. The company promised to deliver their vehicles with 400mi range Maxpack and R1S packages in the beginning of 2022, but due to pandemic, staffing shortage, supply limitations and stock market failure, these dates have been pushed back further. Many customers feel that they have been lied to consistently and are frustrated by the delays.

However, it is important to note that Rivian has rolled back price increases, even though wrist bands are not included with all pre-order holders and pelican boxes for fobs, cards and wrist bands are only given to stock investors into the company. Furthermore, the wrist band will be available for public consumption later this year or sold as an option. Despite all of this, the pros still out way the cons and the vehicle still packs a lot of value.

It is understandable why some customers may feel like they are being taken advantage of or stepped on after waiting 3+ years for their order. However, it is important to remember that Rivian owes them nothing (except $1000) and they are simply trying to make money and stay in business. If you are unhappy with your wait time, there are other options available so you can find a vehicle that suits your needs.

Rivian has been working hard to make sure their vehicles are up to the highest standards and they have made a lot of progress in the past four years. They have developed an impressive battery system, improved range estimates, and even released a new version of their software with more features than ever before.

The company is also investing heavily in research and development for autonomous driving technology which could revolutionize how we travel in the future. Additionally, Rivian has partnered with Amazon to develop electric delivery vans that will be used by many companies around the world. This shows that Rivian is committed to making sure its customers get what they want when it comes time for them to receive their vehicle or service from them.

Overall, despite some delays due to pandemic-related issues as well as other factors beyond control of Rivian Motors Inc., there’s no doubt that this company has come a long way since 2018 when it first announced its plans for electric vehicles production line launch date set at 2022 end year mark . The fact remains: if you're looking for an EV experience like no other then look no further than Rivians lineup!

How long have I been waiting for my preorder?

If you placed your preorder in the fall of 2018, your wait as of last week's email is four years. If you were notified by your guide that you were confirmed in the April-May delivery group, you can expect additional delivery information in a couple weeks.

What does this say about the value of the information shared by Rivian?

It is difficult to determine the value of the information shared by Rivian, as there have been delays due to the pandemic, staffing shortages, supply limitations and stock market failure. Additionally, prior to the opening of the Configuration date, it was stated that the MAXPACK would be the 400mi range package, but upon Configuration time the 400mi range Package was not available and became a 316mi range package. Furthermore, price increases have occurred.

Will Rivian discount my vehicle based off time waiting?

No, Rivian will not discount your vehicle based off time waiting. However, they did roll back the price increase. If you are unhappy at this point in time, you may consider finding another vehicle that suits your needs.

Is the wrist band included with all pre-order holders?

No, only LE order holders receive a wrist band. The pelican box for the fob, cards, and wrist band are only given to stock investors into the company. The wrist band is not available for public consumption until later this year or will be sold as an option.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

Yes, if you believe that these are lies (i.e., deliberate attempts to deceive) and not just problems encountered by a new car manufacturer accompanied by poor/unclear communications, then you should immediately cancel your order.

How long have I been waiting since I ordered in January 2019?

You have an estimated delivery window of "first half 2023." It is important to note that this is an estimate and could slip to the second half of 2023 or even 2024. Rivian has stated that they are working hard to deliver vehicles as soon as possible, but there is no guarantee of when your vehicle will arrive.