Experience Rivian's Vehicles Up Close at Their New Bellevue Showroom – Opens Summer 2021

Experience Rivian's Vehicles Up Close at Their New Bellevue Showroom – Opens Summer 2021
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Rivian does not use an EDD monkey. The estimated delivery date (EDD) for each order is based on the current production rate and expected future changes in that rate, as well as other factors such as supply chain constraints. Rivian has been very transparent about their production rate and plans to increase it over time. They are also working hard to improve the supply chain so they can produce more vehicles faster. So far they have delivered around 10,000 vehicles and plan to deliver 25,000 by the end of 2021. As production continues to ramp up, we should see a corresponding decrease in EDDs for new orders.

Rivian's Bellevue Service Center recently opened its doors for service appointments, but it is not open to the public yet. However, visitors can walk around the perimeter and get a look at most of the colors and wheel options from not too far away. It is important to note that location is only a distant second or third factor when it comes to delivery priority; with 100,000 people in line ahead of you, your reservation could still be late 2023 if things go according to plan. But with Rivian's increasing production rate and efforts to improve the supply chain, earlier deliveries are possible.

Rivian is also opening a showroom in Bellevue, Washington. This will be the first public showroom for Rivian and it should open sometime this summer. The showroom will feature all of Rivian's vehicles, including the R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV. Visitors can get up close to these vehicles and see them in person before they make their purchase decision. They can also learn more about features such as Autopilot, Supercharging capabilities, interior design options, etc., from knowledgeable staff members who are on hand to answer questions or provide advice when needed.

The new Bellevue Showroom is an exciting development for those interested in purchasing a Rivian vehicle because it gives potential customers an opportunity to experience what owning one would be like firsthand without having to wait months or even years for delivery of their own vehicle order. It also provides another avenue through which people can become familiar with the brand and its products so that they feel comfortable making an informed decision when placing their orders online or at other dealerships around the country (or world).

In addition to providing visitors with information about each model available from Rivian Motors, there may be some additional activities planned at the new location once it opens its doors later this year; we'll have more details closer to launch time! In any case though - whether you're looking forward to seeing what all of your favorite models look like up close or just want a chance at getting behind-the-wheel early - don't miss out on visiting this unique destination soon after it opens!

When will the Bellevue showroom be open?

The Bellevue location is a service center only, not a showroom. There is no information available on when a showroom in the area might open.

What can I expect if I visit the service center?

The service center is not open to the public, but you can walk around the perimeter and get a look at most of the colors and wheel options from not too far away.

Does living close to a service center give me higher delivery priority?

Location is a distant factor in terms of delivery priority. Rivian is trying to avoid deliveries far away from existing service centers, as servicing those locations is not pleasant for the customer and not cheap for Rivian. However, if you are in the same county as the service center, it should not affect you.

Will I wait less time if I live close to a service center?

For new reservations, the most important factor is the 100,000 people in line in front of you. Location is a distant second or third or even fourth place factor. You may receive your vehicle earlier than late 2023 if things go to plan, but really no one knows what is going to happen over the next year. At some point you will be given a delivery window specific to your order, but until then all you can really do is keep informed of the progress of deliveries and keep your expectations realistic.

Is Rivian's EDD process managed by an "EDD monkey" like Tesla's?

It is unclear how Rivian manages their EDD process, but it appears that they are trying to provide more accurate estimates than Tesla does. Rivian has a much smaller customer base than Tesla, so they are able to provide more personalized service. Rivian also provides customers with an estimated delivery date (EDD) when they place their order, which is something that Tesla does not do.