Essential Charging Adapters for Tesla Model 3 Travel in North America: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Adapter

Essential Charging Adapters for Tesla Model 3 Travel in North America: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Adapter
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## Section 1: Essential Charging Adapters for Model 3 Travel in the US and Canada

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### Choosing the Right Charging Adapter

When traveling with a Tesla Model 3, it is important to carry the right charging adapters to ensure that your vehicle can be charged at various charging stations. The J1772 to Tesla adapter is definitely an essential as the Model 3 should come with one. This adapter allows you to charge at most Level 2 EV chargers across North America.

For those who have a daily commute of around 75 miles and infrequent road trips, planning around supercharging stations might suffice without needing additional adapters. However, carrying extra adapters can provide more freedom and flexibility during travel.

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### Exploring Other Charging Options: CHAdeMO and CCS/CHAdeMO Chargers

Some Model 3 owners also consider carrying an adapter for CHAdeMO or CCS/CHAdeMO chargers. These charging options do not deliver as much power as a supercharger and usually cost more to use. Additionally, the adapters are not cheap, costing around $450 USD.

However, some drivers find these adapters useful in certain situations where superchargers are busy or unavailable. For example, in California, there are free CHAdeMO chargers available during non-work hours which can be helpful when nearby superchargers are occupied. MEGEAR Skysword Ⅱ Level 1 EV Charger (110V, 16A, 25ft), EVSE Home Electric Vehicle Portable Charging Station (NEMA 5-15 Plug) : Automotive

## Additional Adapters Worth Considering MEGEAR Skysword Ⅱ Level 1 EV Charger (110V, 16A, 25ft), EVSE Home Electric Vehicle Portable Charging Station (NEMA 5-15 Plug) : Automotive

### NEMA Adapters for Increased Versatility

Carrying a variety of NEMA adapters can further increase the versatility of your charging options while on the road. A standard outlet NEMA 5-15 is included with the Model 3 and works everywhere at 120v/12A. It's also worth considering carrying a NEMA 5-20 adapter, as many outlets now have 20A wiring and plugs (one horizontal prong) for 120v/16A charging.

Additionally, carrying common 240V adapters such as NEMA 14-50 (which is often used for charging at home) and NEMA 10-30P (the standard dryer plug) can be helpful. If you plan on camping or driving through RV areas, the TT-30P adapter, which is the standard RV plug, might also come in handy.

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### The Importance of Standardization

The lack of standardization in charging connectors within the car industry can be frustrating for electric vehicle owners. In North America, J1772 is the standard for Level 2 charging and CCS is becoming the standard for DCFC (Level 3). Tesla allows access to a multitude of differing ways to charge their vehicles, providing maximum flexibility for its owners.

In Europe, CCS fast chargers are very common and some do not offer CHAdeMO options. Carrying a CCS-only adapter could be beneficial in this region. It is important to consider your specific travel needs and locations when deciding which adapters to carry with your Model 3. Polspag Level 2 Portable EV Charger, 110-240V 32Amp, NEMA 14-50 Plug 21FT Home Indoor/Outdoor Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Compatible with J1772 EVs : Automotive

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### Supercharger Network Availability

Depending on your location, the availability of superchargers may vary. In New York, for example, the supercharger network is great and rarely requires waiting. However, in California, where superchargers can get busy, carrying additional adapters like CHAdeMO can provide more charging options during peak times.

Tesla has plans to expand the supercharger network in Canada by the end of the year. This expansion could potentially reduce the need for additional adapters like CHAdeMO in that region. Monzaryan Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter, Max 80A, 250V AC, J1772 EVs Charging Adapter, Fit with Tesla Destination Charger, Mobile Connector, Wall Connector, with Built-in Lock, 4 Keys, Carrying Case :

### Weighing Convenience vs Cost

Ultimately, deciding which charging adapters to carry depends on personal preferences and priorities. Some drivers may find it worth investing in extra adapters like CHAdeMO for added convenience and peace of mind during travel. Others may prefer to rely primarily on superchargers and J1772 chargers, which are more widely available and often less expensive to use.

By considering your specific travel needs and the charging options available in your area, you can make an informed decision about which adapters will best serve you during your Model 3 journeys.