Enjoy great savings on Rivian EVs now with pre-March 1 Pricing | Free Tow Hooks & Powered Tonneau Covers

Enjoy great savings on Rivian EVs now with pre-March 1 Pricing | Free Tow Hooks & Powered Tonneau Covers
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Rivian recently restored pre-March 1 prices for their vehicles. This means that customers can now purchase the same vehicle with the same options as before, but at a lower price. For example, an Explore model with 314 miles of range and all weather floor mats and Coast interior was previously priced at $82k but is now available for only $66k. Additionally, Rivian has also included tow hooks in their Adventure package free of charge.

The restoration of pre-March 1 prices is not just limited to the cost of the vehicle; delivery timelines have also been updated. Customers who had placed orders prior to March 1 are still expected to receive their vehicles within the original estimated window. However, it should be noted that the 5 seater option is no longer available; customers must choose between the 6 or 7 seater models. Lastly, powered tonneau covers were removed from the Adventure package during the price increase, but they have since been restored as part of the package at no extra cost.

Overall, this restoration of pre-March 1 prices is great news for Rivian customers who were affected by the previous price hike. Not only do they get to enjoy savings on their vehicles, but they also get additional features such as tow hooks and powered tonneau covers without having to pay extra. It’s important to note that some features may vary depending on the type of vehicle you select, so make sure to double check your configuration before placing your order.

For those who are still considering purchasing a Rivian vehicle, now is the perfect time to do so. Not only will you be able to enjoy savings on your purchase, but you’ll also get access to features that were previously unavailable or cost extra. Additionally, delivery timelines have been updated and customers can expect their vehicles within the original estimated window.

In conclusion, Rivian has done an excellent job of restoring pre-March 1 prices for their vehicles and adding additional features at no extra cost. This is great news for both existing customers as well as potential buyers looking for a good deal on their next electric vehicle purchase. So if you’re in the market for an EV, make sure to check out what Rivian has to offer!

What happened with the update?

My total dropped $17,000, back to where it used to be. Tow hooks are now included and the power Tonneau Cover is an add on for no extra cost.

Is Ocean Coast always been “included”?

Yes, Ocean Coast and Black Mountain used to be included for no extra cost. Only Forest Green was an upcharge. The price increase changed OC to a $2000 option. That has now been restored and it is free again.

Are 5 seaters still available?

No, they won't make the 5 seater any more, the only option is the 7-seater, which you'll get for free.

Is the Adventure Package still included?

Yes, the Adventure Package is still included but the power Tonneau Cover is not. They pulled $1500 out of the adventure pack to compensate for the $1500 Powered tonneau cover. So the same total price, but more options...

Can I still select the Tonneau Cover?

Yes, you can still select it. Try it.

Do I have to pay extra for Dual Motor and 400 mile range?

No, you can change to Dual Motor, 400 mile range for $4k. It should be profitable for them.

Can I still see my delivery estimate?

Yes, you can still see your delivery estimate in the website. It should be the same as before.

Is there any other change?

Yes, there are some other changes. The interior trim has been upgraded to a higher quality material and the suspension has been improved for a smoother ride.

Is there any other benefit?

Yes, you will get a free charging cable and a complimentary car wash.

Is the price still the same?

Yes, the price is still the same as before. The only difference is that you now have more options for no extra cost.