Enjoy Efficient Road Trips with the 2022 iX 50 Sport | 9,000 Miles Tested & Approved

Enjoy Efficient Road Trips with the 2022 iX 50 Sport | 9,000 Miles Tested & Approved
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Road Trip -- Driving Efficiency

The 2022 iX 50 Sport is a great car for road trips. After ordering it on 9/2/2021, I received it 6/21/2022 and have driven 8,987 total miles to date. Recently, I took a road trip from VA to SC to TN to IL to WV back to VA, totaling 2,795.2 miles. The average efficiency was 2.9 mi/kWh over the entire trip.

On Interstate driving with temperatures in the 60s and 70s, the best efficiency was 3.1 mi/kWh over 622 miles at daytime speeds of 70-75 mph. The worst efficiency was 2.7 mi/kWh over 248 miles at nighttime speeds of 70-75 mph. An outlier was 3.6 mi/kWh over 80 miles at non-Interstate speeds of at or below 60 mph. After a subsequent Level 2 charge to 100% State of Charge (SOC), the estimated range was 414 miles. There was also a short stretch of hilly Pennsylvania Turnpike at 75-80 mph (nighttime) where the efficiency was 2.5-2.6 mi/kWh over 60 miles.

I used eleven free 30-minute Electric Avenue (EA) stops during the trip to reach an average SOC of 75-80%. These EA stops would have cost $193.82 if not free. Additionally, I used five free Level 2 sessions, four of which were to 100% SOC.

Overall, I absolutely love the iX for its instant acceleration when needed and B Mode with Assisted Driving on highways. After 9000 miles, I'm confident in my ability to plan drives of ~250 miles at 100% SOC and ~190 miles at 80% SOC without any qualms or range anxiety. My son drove 200 miles on the 600+ mile drive to South Carolina and his speed hovered around 70 mph while mine stayed around 75 mph, which helped us get the 3.1 mi/kWh efficiency rate.

For city driving and short local trips, I almost always use B Mode and only add Assisted Driving if on Interstate or dividend highway as I live in the country and don't often drive in cities. For tire inflation pressure, I run front tires at 30.5 psi and rear tires at 36.3 psi, about 5% over recommended levels. I haven't tried drafting yet but will look for opportunities as it can greatly increase range due to decreased wind resistance and can help alleviate range anxiety if one is hoping to make it to the next stop.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the iX 50 Sport and its efficiency on road trips. With a little planning, one can easily make it to their destination without any range anxiety.

What car was used for the road trip?

A 2022 iX 50 Sport with 21" Wheels/Goodyear Eagle Touring Tires and 8,987 total miles to date.

What was the route of the road trip?

VA--SC--TN--IL--WV--VA, totaling 2,795.2 miles.

What was the average efficiency of the car during the road trip?

The average efficiency over the entire trip was 2.9 mi/kWh. The best efficiency was 3.1 mi/kWh, 622 miles, daytime, VA to SC, 70-75 mph; while the worst efficiency was 2.7 mi/kWh, 248 miles, nighttime, 70-75 mph.

How many charging sessions were there during the road trip?

Eleven free 30-minute EA stops (to ~75-80% SOC average) and five free Level 2 sessions (four of which to 100% SOC).

What mode / level of recuperation does the driver use for city driving and short local trips?

Almost always B Mode is used, and Assisted Driving is only added if on Interstate or dividend highway.

What inflation pressure is being run F/R on the car?

Front are 30.5 psi and rear are 36.3 psi.

Does drafting (e.g. tailing behind a tractor trailer or larger vehicle) increase range due to decreased wind resistance?

Drafting can GREATLY increase range due to decreased wind resistance, resulting in 10-20% efficiency increase when drafting. However, it is not recommended to draft for long periods of time due to safety concerns.

What other tips are there for increasing efficiency?

Other tips for increasing efficiency include using B Mode as much as possible, avoiding high speeds, reducing weight in the car, and using cruise control when possible. Additionally, keeping tires properly inflated and regularly checking brakes can help to improve efficiency.