Enhancing Your Sentry Mode Experience - Push Notifications for Tesla Cars

Enhancing Your Sentry Mode Experience - Push Notifications for Tesla Cars
Tesla adds new features to Sentry Mode with update 2022.44.2

Sentry Mode is a great feature for Tesla cars, but it’s lacking one key element - event push notifications. When Sentry Mode is active and an alert or event occurs, the car doesn’t send an alert to your phone – regardless of whether you have an iPhone 14 Pro with the latest software and the latest version of the Tesla app.

It seems that this should be a simple problem to solve, especially since even Elon Musk has an iPhone. However, it appears that no matter how many times people bring up this issue on various forums, there hasn’t been any action taken by Tesla yet.

The only notification you will get when Sentry Mode starts recording an event due to nearby activity is if the alarm goes off. This means that if someone bumps into your car or causes some other kind of impact, then you will hear the siren from inside your office or wherever you are located at the time. But unfortunately, you won’t receive any alerts on your device if something like this happens.

This lack of basic functionality is quite concerning considering that iPhones make up more than half of all phones used in the United States (55.79% market share). It would make sense for Tesla to address this issue as soon as possible so that their customers can benefit from having full access to all features provided by Sentry Mode.

At the moment, it looks like we may have to wait until “Elon Time” before we see a solution for this problem. Hopefully Tesla will eventually provide us with push notifications for Sentry Mode events so that we don’t miss out on any important information related to our vehicles.In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you don’t miss out on any important events. First of all, it is recommended that you check your Tesla app regularly when Sentry Mode is active. This way, if something does happen while your car is parked and unattended, then at least you will be able to see what happened in the app afterwards.

You could also set up an alert system for yourself using IFTTT or other similar services so that whenever an event occurs with Sentry Mode activated on your vehicle, then a notification will be sent directly to your phone or email address. This would allow you to stay informed about any activity near your car even when away from home or work.

Finally, another option would be for Tesla owners who have multiple cars (or friends/family members) with Sentry Mode enabled vehicles – they could use their phones as “sentinels” by setting them up around their property and having them send notifications whenever motion is detected nearby one of those cars (assuming they have access).

Overall it seems like this issue should not take too long for Tesla engineers to fix but until then we just need find creative ways of making sure we don't miss out on anything related our vehicles' safety and security!

Does sentry mode push an alert to my phone when an event occurs?

No, there is no alert, log entry or notification until you sit in the seat. It may be coming soon but currently only Android devices will get an alert if the car alarm goes off due to a big enough impact.

Will I get an alert on my iPhone if the car alarm goes off?

No, you will not get an alert on your iPhone if the car alarm goes off. You will only hear the siren from inside your office and won't know it was your car until you go out to drive home.

Is it ridiculous that this feature doesn't work on 50% of phones used in the US?

Yes, it is a bit ridiculous that this feature doesn't work on 50% of phones used in the United States. As of 12/22, 55.79% market share is held by US phones, so there is hope that this feature will be available soon.

What other features are available with sentry mode?

Sentry Mode has several features that can help protect your car. It will detect motion around the car and alert you if someone is trying to break in. It also has a perimeter alarm that will sound if someone tries to open a door or window. Additionally, it will record video of any events that occur while the car is parked.