Dramatic Decline in M60 Ride Quality - Understanding the Causes and Taking Precaution

Dramatic Decline in M60 Ride Quality - Understanding the Causes and Taking Precaution
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Drastic decline in M60 ride quality?

The M60 is a luxury car that has been praised for its smooth ride quality. However, one owner recently experienced a drastic decline in the ride quality of their M60 after taking it in for a ceramic coating. Despite trying various drive modes, rebooting the car, and changing the ride height, the ride quality remained poor. The owner contacted the dealership to get an appointment to have this looked at, but they were told it would be a month wait.

It is possible that the air suspension is not working properly, which could explain why there was such a noticeable difference in the ride quality. It is unlikely that any damage was done while the car was at the detailer, as driving it should not have caused any damage to the suspension.

Another owner of an iX50 reported similar issues with their car. They noticed that from the very start, the ride seemed quite a bit more harsh than the dealer demo car. Changing the suspension settings made no noticeable difference in the ride quality. The car was taken to the dealer and they are looking into it. It is possible that their suspension has something similar going on (ie in some sort of transport mode).

It is important to note that there may be more road noise from 22” summer tires compared with 21” all season tires. This could also contribute to a harsher ride experience.

Overall, it is concerning when owners experience such drastic changes in their car's performance after only a short period of time. Hopefully, dealerships can provide solutions sooner rather than later so owners can enjoy their cars as intended.

In the meantime, owners should take extra care when taking their cars to detailers. It is important to make sure that they are aware of any special requirements for the car and that they use appropriate products and techniques. This will help ensure that the car's performance remains as expected.

What could be causing a drastic decline in M60 ride quality?

It is possible that the air suspension is not working correctly, or that something has been damaged while in the detailer. It is also possible that the car may be in some sort of transport mode, which can cause similar symptoms. Additionally, the type of tires on the car can affect the ride quality and road noise.

How can I try to fix this issue?

You can try changing the drive mode while parked, waiting a minute, then driving the same route on the same road. Rebooting the car (go into diagnostic mode -> hold volume button for a minute) and changing the ride height may also help. If these steps do not work, you should contact your dealership to have it looked at.

How long does it usually take to get an appointment with a dealership?

This varies depending on the dealership, but typically it should not take more than a few days to get an appointment. If your dealership is telling you it will take a month to get an appointment, you should escalate with your salesperson and see if they can get someone to look at it sooner.