Discover the Rivian R1T at the First Mile Event - Enjoy an Adventure-Filled Journey with This Powerful Electric Pickup Truck

Discover the Rivian R1T at the First Mile Event - Enjoy an Adventure-Filled Journey with This Powerful Electric Pickup Truck
Rivian R1T 'Out of Spec' First Drive, Plus First-Mile Event Tour

The First Mile event at Sonoma Raceway was a great opportunity to experience the Rivian R1T. Participants were able to get behind the wheel and test drive the vehicle, as well as explore its interior features.

The track featured a mix of pavement, dirt road, and rutted dirt road, allowing participants to feel the power of the R1T in various conditions. There was also a straightaway where drivers could reach 0-60 in seconds. After the testdrive, participants had the chance to inspect the gear tunnel doors, which are strong enough to sit on, as well as check out other features like the spare tire access.

Overall, the event was very enjoyable for those who attended. However, there were some issues that caused delays and disappointment. Some attendees were called after they already arrived with an hour delay for their appointment. One of the demos was removed while driving due to safety concerns. Additionally, not all colors were available and Android Auto is not included in the truck's interface.

Despite these minor setbacks, many people still enjoyed their time at the First Mile event and left feeling excited about taking delivery of their R1T. With reviews from Edmonds and Doug DeMuro, it's clear that this electric pickup truck is capable of delivering a powerful performance and offers plenty of features to make any adventure more enjoyable.

The Rivian R1T is a great vehicle for those who want to explore the outdoors and take on any terrain. With its powerful engine, spacious interior, and advanced technology features, it's sure to be a hit with drivers of all kinds. The First Mile event was an excellent opportunity for people to get behind the wheel and experience what this electric pickup truck has to offer.

What was the First Mile event at Sonoma Raceway like?

It was a great experience! I got to drive one, check out power options, and ask questions. I also got to crawl around inside one, pop latches, and slam doors. The gear tunnel doors were strong enough to sit on which was great for loading my scuba tank. The only quibble was that getting at the spare tire is going to be awkward due to the tailgate being in the way.

Was the drive on the track or public roads?

It was a mix of pavement, dirt road, rutted dirt road, some climbing and descending, and a short straightaway where the "guide" had me come to a complete stop and then punch it to feel what it was like to go 0-60 in a few seconds.

Were there any delays at the event?

Yes, we were told after we were already on our way that there would be an hour delay for the appointment. They also had to remove one of the demos while driving the truck because they felt it was too dangerous for conditions but I don't recall which one it was.

Were all colors available?

No, not all colors were available. There were several of the same color and a booth with all of the swatches for whatever they were worth.

Is Android Auto available?

No, unfortunately Android Auto is not available. The interface can also be slow sometimes.

Did you take any pictures or videos at the event?

No, I didn't. There were several people taking pictures though and two guys even had a camera set up like they were YouTubers or something. With the Edmonds and Doug DeMuro reviews, I don't know what else there is to really take a picture of.

Was the event worth it?

Absolutely! It was a great experience and I learned a lot. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and they answered all of my questions. Plus, I got to drive one of the cars and see what it was like in person. All in all, it was definitely worth it.