Deciding Whether to Switch from an iX50 to M60 - Reasons For and Against

Deciding Whether to Switch from an iX50 to M60 - Reasons For and Against
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Switching from an iX50 to an M60 is a big decision, but one that many people are making. With the M60, you get a few upgrades that make it worth the switch. Appearance-wise, there are minor differences in the trims, with the front grill being gold on the M60 and silver on the IX50. The Stormy Bay color of the M60 is definitely more attractive than the original Phytonic Blue of the IX50, especially when combined with black rims and gold exterior accents. The Amido leather option is also worth considering for its softer feel and full dash trim. The B&W stereo is a significant upgrade from the HK system, providing much better sound quality and volume.

The bronze trim and tinted bronze grill of the M60 are options not available on the 50. In terms of performance, the M60 feels more solid and has improved steering accuracy compared to the iX50. Range-wise, expect about 40 miles from the M60 compared to 325 miles from the iX50 at 100%. This difference can be attributed to colder weather conditions as well as other factors. The adaptive laser lights of the M60 are a great feature that will be appreciated by drivers.

Finally, it’s important to consider what was wrong with your iX50 before making the switch. If you had an unfortunate experience with your iX50, such as a battery recall or a defect notice, then it may be worth considering a buyback/new purchase or a “swap” with original contract terms remaining intact. It’s also important to note that while the M60 may be quieter inside than the iX50, it may seem louder when standing outside near the front due to Iconic Sounds being absent.

In conclusion, switching from an iX50 to an M60 is a big decision that should be considered carefully. While there are some great features included in the M60, such as improved handling and adaptive laser lights, there are also some drawbacks such as reduced range and increased cost. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what was wrong with your iX50 before making the switch.

What are the differences between the iX50 and M60?

The M60 has a bronze trim, tinted bronze grill, Stormy Bay exterior color, Amido leather seats, B&W stereo system, adaptive laser lights, and more solid handling.

How does the range of the M60 compare to that of the iX50?

The range of the M60 is estimated to be 40 miles less than the iX50 due to colder weather conditions. At 100% charge, the iX50 would give 325 miles while the M60 displays 260 miles.

Is the M60 just as quiet while driving?

Yes, it is just as quiet inside without Iconic Sounds. It may seem louder when standing outside near the front.

What was wrong with your iX50?

My car was brought back because there was a very slight crack in front trim. I bought the dealer demo so I could qualify for $7500EV rebate at crunch time. When I brought it back for repair, I found they had taken off while bumper and grill, and it had Been sitting outside in the rain. I didn’t feel comfortable about the future of the car not having problems going forward.

What are the differences in the lights?

The adaptive laser lights on the M60 are much better than those on the iX50. They provide greater visibility and clarity when driving at night or in low light conditions. The M60 also has a unique feature that allows the lights to adjust automatically to the speed of the car.

What other features does the M60 have?

The M60 has a number of features that make it stand out from the iX50. It has an advanced air suspension system, which provides a smoother ride and better handling. It also has a panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled seats, and a wireless charging pad. Additionally, it has a heads-up display, lane departure warning system, and adaptive cruise control.