Confirm Your Configuration & See What There Is to Know about Rivian R1S Delivery Windows

Confirm Your Configuration & See What There Is to Know about Rivian R1S Delivery Windows
Configuration Confirmation Email: R1S w/ Feb/March Delivery Window : r/ Rivian

Confirming configuration emails have been sent out to Rivian R1S August 2020 preorder customers. This is a sign that the purchase process has started and delivery windows are being updated. Many people have received the email, including October 2019 preorder from Atlanta, July 2020 preorder from Denver, June 2020 preorder from Southern California, March 2019 preorder, January 2020 preorder, November 2018 preorder, and February 2020 preorder.

The email includes a guide and an 8 step process. After confirming the configuration, customers can contact their guide to make changes. The estimated delivery date is usually April-June 2023 but this may change depending on the customer's configuration. Some customers have already taken delivery of their R1S while others are still waiting for their VINs.

Rivian has also stopped making certain configurations such as the quad R1T Max and manual tonneau cover. Customers can no longer order full size spare tires or powered tonneau covers. However, they will be available at a later date.

In addition, some customers have been given first-come, first-serve opportunities to buy new Lariat-trimmed F-150s in their area without any mark-up. This gives customers an alternative option if they are tired of waiting for their R1S.

Overall, it seems like Rivian is slowly but surely starting the process for R1S deliveries. Hopefully more customers will soon receive their VINs and take delivery of their vehicles soon!

I received an email asking me to confirm my configuration. What does this mean?

This means that your purchase process has started and you will be assigned a guide. You can click on the contact info in the email to see the name of your guide.

How do I know if I have a guide?

Your account should say “Configuration confirmed, contact your guide to make changes”. If you click on the contact info it’ll show the name of your guide.

Is everyone receiving this email so Rivian can update delivery windows?

Yes, this is to help with updated delivery windows. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will get your car sooner than your current estimated delivery window.

What is the meaning of “unsaleable”?

Unsaleable means that the vehicle cannot be sold due to certain issues or defects.

Did I forget anything else that would be annoying after having waited so long because Rivian wanted to make sure they were delivering a quality product?

Some common issues include phone, keyfob, or key card entry/exit problems, weatherstripping problems that lead to whistling or excessive wind noise, 12V battery problems, under body panels properly attached, panel gaps, charging problems, alignment issues, sunroof cracks, paint scratches, suspension or other mysterious rattles, and maps/navigation, radio/bluetooth problems.