Comparing the Towing Capabilities of the Rivian R1T and Toyota Tundra - Results Revealed

Comparing the Towing Capabilities of the Rivian R1T and Toyota Tundra - Results Revealed
Rivian R1T vs. Toyota Tundra: How Far Can Each Truck Tow On A Single 'Fill-Up'? - YouTube

Rivian R1T and Toyota Tundra are two popular trucks that have been compared in terms of their towing capacity. To compare the two, a test was conducted where both vehicles towed a Colorado Teardrops classic line trailer (approx 2000 pounds) with 35 inch tires. The results showed that the Rivian R1T used 91% of its battery and went 153 miles, while the Toyota Tundra used 10.348 gallons of gas (32% of the tank) to go 153 miles.

The results of this test demonstrate the need for more robust charging infrastructure as well as the value of large capacity batteries. It is not surprising that an electric vehicle would be able to travel further on one charge than an internal combustion engine, however it is important to note that when there is no access to charging stations, carrying extra fuel or having a backup generator may be necessary.

For those who plan on towing larger loads, such as 20-25 foot Airstreams over long distances in warm weather, the Rivian R1T could be a great option. With its 180kWh battery, it can tow up to 11,000 lbs., making it suitable for many different types of trailers. To get the most out of your trip, you should make sure to charge your battery at home before leaving and recharge at campgrounds upon arrival. Additionally, if you’re worried about running out of power during your journey, you could consider bringing along a small generator for added security.

Overall, the Rivian R1T and Toyota Tundra both offer impressive towing capacities and are suitable for various tasks. While electric vehicles provide greater range on a single charge, they still require access to charging stations which may not always be available. Therefore, it is important to consider all factors before deciding which truck best suits your needs.

How far can the R1T and Tundra go on a single fill up?

The R1T used 91% of the battery and went 153 miles (168 miles using 100% of battery). The Tundra used 10.348 gallons of gas (32% of the tank) to go 153 miles (473 miles on full tank).

Does it matter how far an ICE can go?

It matters when you are in places with no charging infrastructure. Going to a place with no gas stations, With an ICE you can carry gas cans.

What did the results of the TFL test illustrate?

The results illustrated the need for a more robust charging infrastructure and the value of a large capacity battery.

Can I charge my EV off a generator?

You can charge your EV off a generator, however it will be slow. A small 2k watt Yamaha will give you 1-2 miles per hour, while a 7k diesel generator will give you 8-10 miles per hour.

Would the R1T tow an Airstream 135 miles over slightly rolling hills anytime between May and October?

This depends on the size of the Airstream and other factors such as weather conditions. It is recommended to charge to 100% at home before leaving, then recharge at the campground upon arrival.

What is the maximum towing capacity of the R1T?

The R1T has a maximum towing capacity of 11,000 lbs.

How does the Tundra compare in terms of towing capacity?

The Tundra has a maximum towing capacity of 10,200 lbs.

Does either truck have any special features that make it better for towing?

Yes, both trucks have features that make them better for towing. The R1T has an adjustable suspension system and torque vectoring technology, while the Tundra has an integrated trailer brake controller and tow/haul mode.

Are there any other factors I should consider when choosing between these two trucks?

Yes, you should also consider the cost of ownership, maintenance costs, and fuel efficiency. Additionally, you should consider the size and weight of your load, as well as the terrain you will be driving on.