Comparing the Tesla Model X and Rivian R1S - Different Prices and Features To Consider

Comparing the Tesla Model X and Rivian R1S - Different Prices and Features To Consider
Rivian R1S Versus Tesla Model X: By The Numbers

The Tesla Model X with 7 seats is $110,000 while the 4 motor R1S is priced at $90,000. If given a choice between these two vehicles for the same price, many would take the Tesla due to its lower sticker price. However, when comparing features and design of these two electric SUVs, it becomes clear that they are not really competitors.

The Rivian 2 motor is a better comparison to the Tesla Model X 2 motor. The Model X has quirky rear doors and requires high maintenance, but range and towing capability are similar. The Model X costs $110,000 without the $7,500 EV tax credit whereas the Rivian Adventure costs $80,000 minus the tax credit. Furthermore, Rivian has an overall better design and does not have the drawbacks associated with Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” feature. Additionally, there are lots of third-party accessories available for the Rivian which will not fit on the X.

When considering ground clearance and hauling capacity, it becomes obvious that the R1S is superior to the Model X. Although FSD flaws can be avoided by simply not using them, some basic AutoPilot functions such as adaptive cruise and lane keep alerts may still be affected due to FSD tech compromising their performance. With limited EV options currently available in the market, any EV can be considered a competitor to another one.

For those looking for a family car with 6-7 seats, upgrading to a new Model X would cost over $110,000 while getting a pre-ordered R1S could save money. Poor customer service from Tesla is also pushing people away from buying their cars. Lastly, although Tesla has a great Supercharger network, it is rarely used due to lack of need.

In conclusion, both EVs have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on individual needs and preferences. It all boils down to how you plan on using your vehicle and what features are more important for your lifestyle.

What is the price of Tesla Model X with 7 seats?

The Tesla Model X with 7 seats is $110,000.

If someone was going to give you either a 4 motor R1S or the Model X for the same price $90,000 which would you buy?

I would take the R1S over the Tesla even if the R1S was 110 and the Model X was 90.

Is Rivian 2 motor a real comparison to Model X two motor?

Yes, Rivian 2 motor is a real comparison to Model X two motor. Range and towing capacity are the same. However, Rivian is overall better design and doesn't have the draw back of all the normal driving flaws that Tesla's "Full Self Driving" creates. Plus lots of third party accessories fit the Rivian that will not fit on the X.

Are R1S and Model X really competitors?

I do not feel the R1S and Model X are really competitors. At this point, I feel as if any EV is a competitor to any other EV just simply from a lack of options.

What are the drawbacks of Tesla's "Full Self Driving"?

The worst affected by FSD tech is adaptive cruise with Tesla's phantom braking problems rising to the level of NHSTA getting involved. That is all due to FSD tech compromising the adaptive cruise and it appears to be getting worse not better as "FSD" gets more extreme. Basic lane keep alerts are also affected, works 50% of the time in AP.

What are some advantages of Rivian over Tesla?

Rivian has much more ground clearance and have the ability to haul larger items than Tesla. It also has better design and third party accessories fit the Rivian that will not fit on the X.

Why did you purchase a Model S instead of a Model X?

I purchased a Model S because I was not impressed with the Model X. The design of the Model X is just not appealing to me and those doors are cool but way too many issues.

What made you decide to move away from Tesla?

The main reason I’m moving away from Tesla is the customer service has become atrocious. They used to get you in quickly and give you a loaner Model S when you needed service. Now they take months to get you in and loaners are few and far between.