Comparing MyQ and HomeLink Garage Door Openers: What fits your Needs & Budget?

Comparing MyQ and HomeLink Garage Door Openers: What fits your Needs & Budget?
MyQ. I like it but $300 for 10 yr or homelink $350 for life. I usually keep cars until they die so… any advantages? They are the same right? : r/teslamotors

MyQ and HomeLink are two popular garage door opener systems. MyQ is a relatively new system that can be integrated with your car, while HomeLink has been around for longer and requires a subscription to use. Both offer convenience when it comes to opening and closing your garage door from afar.

When comparing the two systems, one of the main advantages of MyQ is its low cost. The introductory purchase of the MyQ control for 1 door for $1 shipping is worth it, and you only need to buy another door sensor for $19.99 if you have 2 doors. Setup of the MyQ with the App is easy, as it pairs with your phone and learns your GDO codes without any wiring needed. Additionally, it controls via Wi-Fi from both your car and the App.

On the other hand, Homelink requires a subscription to use and may require some installation work depending on your setup. However, it does offer more features such as auto-open/close and remote access through cellular networks. It also works with voice commands using Livekey app on iPhone.

In conclusion, both MyQ and HomeLink offer great convenience when it comes to controlling your garage door from afar. If you’re looking for an affordable option with basic features, then MyQ is ideal for you. But if you want more advanced features like auto-open/close and voice commands, then HomeLink might be better suited for you.Ultimately, it depends on your needs and budget.

How do I set up MyQ?

Purchase the MyQ control for 1 door for $1 shipping. You need another door sensor for $19.99 if you have 2 garage doors. Pair the controller to your phone, the door sensors and it learns your GDO (garage door opener) codes. Plug in the MyQ somewhere in the garage, mount it in the vicinity of the GDO’s. Make sure you have good Wi-Fi in the garage. Attach the door sensors to the garage doors with sticky velcro strips. The MyQ controls via Wi-Fi, from the car and from the App.

Does MyQ work with Tesla MY?

Yes, it does. However, sometimes it won't close the door when backing away due to transition problem for the car switching from WiFi to cellular as you leave your home's WiFi range so that it can't communicate with the home network. To avoid this issue, turn off Homelink auto-open and close so only the MyQ is used.

How do I use Livekey app to control two different MyQ garages at two locations?

With Livekey app, you can use voice shortcuts to control two different MyQ garages at two locations without a subscription required. You can set up two different MyQ accounts and link them to the Livekey app. Then, you can use voice commands to open and close your garages at both locations.

What are the differences between MyQ and Homelink?

The main difference between MyQ and Homelink is that MyQ is a Wi-Fi enabled device while Homelink is a radio frequency (RF) based system. MyQ is compatible with most garage door openers and allows you to control your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Homelink requires a special transmitter in order to work with your garage door opener, and it only works within a certain range of your home. Additionally, MyQ offers more features than Homelink such as voice control, scheduling, and notifications when the door is opened or closed.