Choosing the Best Wall Connector for Your 2014 Model S: Gen2 vs. Gen3 Comparison

Choosing the Best Wall Connector for Your 2014 Model S: Gen2 vs. Gen3 Comparison
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Title: The 2014 Model S Wall Connector Dilemma: Gen2 vs. Gen3

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Understanding the Differences between Gen2 and Gen3 Wall Connectors

When it comes to charging a 2014 Model S, there are two main options for wall connectors: the Gen2 and the Gen3. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but one key difference is the cable length. The original Gen3 wall connector had an 18ft cable, while the Gen2 came with a longer 24ft cable. This can be especially important when considering garage setup and ease of use.

Another factor to consider when choosing between these two wall connectors is their amperage capabilities. The Gen2 wall connector was designed for higher amperage, making it more suitable for vehicles with dual chargers. Additionally, some electric companies offer rebates based on the charge rate of the wall connector, potentially providing further incentive to opt for the Gen2 model.

Evaluating Cable Length and Garage Setup

For those with garages where the charging port is located towards the front of the car, an 18ft cable may not provide enough slack to comfortably reach without stretching or straining the cable. In this case, finding a Gen2 wall connector with its longer 24ft cable might be necessary. However, recent updates have seen Tesla increase the cable length of their Gen3 wall connectors to 24ft as well – good news for those who were hesitant about purchasing due to concerns over cable length.

It's also worth noting that if you're worried about potential strain on your charging cable, you can hang it on the side mirror as it travels from the wall to the charge port. This will help alleviate any tension and reduce wear on both your vehicle and charger.

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Making Your Decision and Ordering Your Wall Connector

With both Gen2 and Gen3 now offering 24ft cables, the decision between the two largely comes down to amperage capabilities and potential rebates from your electric company. If you have a Model S with dual chargers and are eligible for a higher rebate based on charge rate, it may be worth seeking out a Gen2 wall connector.

However, if these factors aren't as important to you, the updated Gen3 model should suffice. Once you've made your decision, ordering your chosen wall connector is simple – as long as it's in stock, you can expect to receive it within about a week.

In conclusion, while there are differences between the Gen2 and Gen3 wall connectors, recent updates have made the choice less clear-cut. Ultimately, it's essential to consider your specific needs and preferences when making this decision to ensure that you're getting the best possible charging solution for your 2014 Model S.